Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tell me if I am cheating...

It has only taken MONTHS of my friend Becky Anderson posting videos of awesome Zumba dances on her facebook for me to realize- oh my gosh- there are FULL ZUMBA WORKOUTS ON YOUTUBE.

Yeah, how I didn't notice that earlier I have NO IDEA.

Now, in an ideal world Adam and I would have the 70 or so dollars for me to go to the ACTUAL Zumba website and order all the DVDs, and then after I have them MEMORIZED I would then spend the 200-300 to certify in it. (some day, some day.)

However, we do NOT have that money, and we do NOT have the money to pay for a gym pass where I can go and DO Zumba every day.

So here is my thought. Spend hours on You Tube and find my favorite videos. Download them. (Its Youtube? That's not illegal right?) Then, edit them so you basically go straight from one dance to another. No breaks. Do this until I have a full hour of my FAVORITE dances. Then, burn it to a DVD.

Its like my own loved and personalized Zumba DVD right? And all free.

Is that the most awesome idea ever... or is it really cheating and illegal and I am just missing that some how in my excitement to get my groove thing on in my living room?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Late Valentine

This was on my friend Rachel's blog and I loved it so I am re-posting it.

John 3:16

"For God so loVed the world,
that he gAve
his onLy
That whosoever
believeth In him
should Not perish,
but have Everlasting life."

Happy late Love Day everyone!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Things I love (I guess we could call it a top ten...)

1. When the weather is warm enough to open the windows and air out the room (yes, this is warm by me which is what... 60?)

2. Seeing money in savings. And more than like... 50 dollars. Thought giving ten percent to a savings account was going to be so hard but it has proven SO rewarding

3. When Logan decides to sleep after I eat aka, NOT MOVE. (Right, I am horrible but when he twists and turns it makes me nauseous. I haven't kept down a full meal in a while and it makes me really happy to do so.)

4. Bakes goods. Aka, brownies, cookies, and the pretzel place in the mall.

5. When Adam comes home. (this should be number one.) best part of my days. Love seeing his cute face.

6. free stuff. When I can give it and get it. Makes the world so much more wonderful huh?

7. watching zumba. (even if I can't do it yet.)

8. sweat pants

9. clean sheets

10. the smell of baby products that has taken over not only bathroom but bedroom. Love it.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Parenting Survey- SHARE WITH ME!

Adam and I have been talking a lot about parenting lately. I am sure that shocks NO ONE. And I think we are feeling the same way that all YOUNG parents do in that, we want to be GOOD parents, but we don't want our children to despise us.

Now, we are not dumb. We know that only 1% of teens like their parents. We're ready to be hated. And we know all kids, no matter how much they love their parents most of the time, have days where they despise them. We're ready for that too.

But were talking about the kids who actually have a good relationship with their parents. Yes, most everyone loves their parents for being parents, and no one likes their parents 100% of the time. We've taken all that into consideration.

But you know those people who go into college, or even in high school that just seem to... get along with the adults in the house? They just have a GOOD relationship.

How do you get that?

I want to take a survey. Every person who feels that they have a good relationship with either mom, dad, or both- and I want them to analyze WHY. WHY do you feel your parents were good parents? What did they do that made it so you guys got along? How did the parent well, and yet inspire trust and love at the same time?

I bet a lot of the answers will be personal- kid versus parent personality. But, I bet EVERY person who feels they have a positive relationship with a parent- will mention two or three things that are the same. I have faith in the fact that there HAS to be at least two or three good parenting constants no matter who you are or where you live.

And Adam and I just feel that.... if we could get those two or three traits/ styles/ etc under our belts- that we could do this whole mommy, daddy thing. It would be kind of like a parenting cheat sheet.

If you feel comfortable... answer my lame survey :) Do you have a good relationship with either of your parents? Why? What did they do?

I promise- if you answer some day my kid will probably some to appreciate it A LOT. :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011


I will admit. I have not really had a... nutritious pregnancy. I have been good about low cal and low fat foods. But it is HARD to get calcium and protein when your body reacts negatively to dairy, and when you cant STAND the smell of red meat cooking. And you know what- if I want a cookie... I am carrying a six pound person around inside of me. I am DARN well going to eat those cookies.

However, third trimester has brought on some fun treats I wasn't expecting. To name two... swollen feet and acid reflux. Fun. Now my doctors aren't worried about it at all. In fact, they are so UNCONCERNED about my health (because I have been pretty healthy) that they aren't even going to have me in for once a week appts until I hit 36 or 37 weeks instead of starting at 34 like is normal.

But, my doctors did say that if it was annoying me (which it is) to just really watch my diet. Yeah, haven't done that in MONTHS. But, that's when I realized I had five weeks left and even though I can't diet, there is NOTHING wrong with getting back into nutritious eating. (And eating the right amount of calories instead of 4,000 of them a day :)

There is this really col website called Calorie Count (totally free ps) where you can customize your diet. They even have pre-set basic diets for people who have certain health problems or need special diets. And you know what two of the pre-sets are? Yeah, pregnancy and lactation.

So I put myself on the "pregnancy diet." Don;t worry- its no diet. I'm suppose to consume, based on how far along I am and my height and age etc. about 2.334 calories a day. Very normal according to all the health sites I go too.

What is cool about this site is that it counts all the nutrients you are getting from the food you eat as well as calories. So I can make sure I don't get too much sodium, and I can make sure I get lots of protein an fiber. It's pretty cool. It's got most foods, even by brand, in its data base and you can see which brands of whole wheat bread are better. They give them grades.

Anyways, one of the nutrients I have really been concentration on is fiber. Because as pregnant women know- constipation sucks. We'll just say it out loud like that. And fiber is really important and one of those things we don't get enough of. I have ALSO been concentrating a lot on it because the other day Adam said, "Sarah, I think I need more fiber in my diet. Help me out with that." :) Yes sir!

So I found this cool website called, and on it they have lists of high fiber foods, given ratings of A, B, C etc. Because they rate the food based on how much fiber is in it, and then based on how much fat is in it as well. So obviously, the more fiber and the less fat the better the food is. (They have lists like that for proteins and other nutrients too. Like I said- very cool.)

The top three best foods to get our fiber from?
1. avocados (who knew?)
2. Black beans
3. bran cereals (no surprise there really)

What is so cool about this? What two foods taste REALLY GOOD together? yeah, avocados and black beans. I think Adam and I are just going to have to start having mexican EVERY week. We'll throw in some corn tortillas, shredded chicken or turkey- oh my gosh... I think I need to eat something right now

(because I didn't JUST have a smoothie :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I TOLD you Kickboxing was Best...

Everyone's pregnancies are different. And somehow I ended up being one of those people who in the last five weeks, am DYING to get my groove thing on again. I am still REALLY tired- but as long as I get a nap or two in, I actually feel better than I have these whole 9 months. After I ate breakfast and watched my Amanda Bynes this morning I SO wanted to pop in a Zumba DVD.

Good sign right? Of course, I am also one of those people who trips down the stairs twice a week, and pregnancy has made me MORE clumsy so I am a little too nervous to do any type of work-out that is not walking. And I know how I swell and when I have six hours of work on my feet in the evening I worry about exasperating.

SO- to get my fill a little early, I just looked up cool and awesome web sites. And on one of the national health sights I found a little poll about the best exercises to do for loosing weight. Now, they suggest a combination of 30-60 minutes of aerobics, and then some strength training to boost the metabolism as well as eating right.

And I am pretty sure we all know that weights are important, and that the BEST way to loose calories is to sweat them out.

Well, I became VERY pleased when I saw what the top three BEST sweating activities are:
1. Martial Arts (Includes KICKBOXING and TAE BO)
2. Inclined Treadmill (I am guessing you have to RUN on the inclined treadmill)
3. Step Aerobics

Right. Two out of three are some of my favorite things in the WHOLE world. And NUMBER ONE is my very FAVORITE in the whole WORLD.

So... out of more curiosity I looked up the best Tae Bo videos. The top three were ALL made by guess who? Right. BILLY BLANKS! (That awesome black guy whose every video I own. Well, I own almost all of them. And now I am determined to get the ones I don't have.) In fact, his daughter even makes a POST NATAL video for women who have just given birth. Awesome right?

I of course then had to look up step aerobics videos. I LOVE step aerobics and own my own step, I just use it more for toning then actual working out. So I am excited to get back into step. Because it is FUN and if you haven't done it before- a MAJOR sweat session. (One of the best suggestions I found on-line was a video made my Cher's trainer. But if you have ANY good suggestions pass them my way!)

Then I thought, well hey, I wonder what the best toning/ weights videos are? Honestly- I didn't get into weights for a long time while I was loosing weight. I liked feeling the burn but I hated not having to shower right after because I wasn't dripping right? But I remember a year ago talking to my sister-in-law Amber about weight loss and she said that if I really wanted to get healthy for having kids, the BEST thing I could do was power up my muscles and especially- shape my abs. And I can tell you, and my doctor has even attested, that it has made pregnancy SO MUCH easier making sure I am STRONG as well as cardio-vascular healthy.

Come to find out, one of the HIGHEST rated weight lifting/ toning DVD's out there, (via Fitness magazine and peoples personal opinions as well as some Health website) is Jari Love. Any of her videos. And her video is EXACTLY what I did before I get prego. And I LOVED it. It was like a combo of calisthenics, weights, slight cardio, and pilates. Wonderful.

It made me feel SO good to know that I had been doing the best for my body before pregnancy, and it made me feel better that I really was suggesting good work-outs to people and not just my personal preference :) And this is MY blog so I am allowed to be vain and toot my own horn right? :)

And can I tell you how excited I am to date Billy and Jari again? So very, very.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some of my Ladies

No joke- I don't make girlfriends very well. I don't have loads. I prefer- yes even now- my boys and Adam's boys. They are just FUN! (Maybe why I am having a boy?) However, one of my goals in moving to TN was to make more girlfriends. I thought some woman time might be needed, and I figured Adam wouldn't mind having man time with his man friends without the wife pretending she understands what they are talking about, the game they are playing, or asking them if they need something to eat or drink.

(Ps- thanks to Adams man friends for treating me like one of the guys and never minding when I tag along to and with everything. You are the best friends EVER! I have really lucked out to have y'all in my life.)

But, since being in TN I have met with some... SUCCESS!! These are my two FEMALE besties in the area- we are just coming out of a wonderful lunch at Panera. I actually am mad at the both of them right now because within the past 3 weeks they have both LEFT me :) Kristelle (far left) moved to Iowa, and Leann (far right) to Utah. Both of them have moved on to bigger and better things however and so I cant hate them no matter how much I miss them :)
I just thought I would post a little girl love because lets face it ladies- no matter how much we love our men there is nothing replacing a little girl time. I never realized how MUCH I had been missing out on that and I am so GRATEFUL for these ladies for taking me under their wings and rehabilitating me. I love them!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Why There Are No Posts :)

Have you ever noticed that if life is going to suck, its like every single sucky thing has to happen all at once? In your life and in the lives of those that are close to you? It's really quite the sad thing and kind of makes for some... non-enthusiastic group sharing.

However, I was reading my friends blog today and she shared the CUTEST web-site. Pictures of couples who have all been married for 50 years or more, and they all talk about one another, and the secrets to love.

I am telling you it is a must look at. Not only because it is almost Valentines Day (which YES is a holiday I LOVE and do not abhor,) but because seeing cute, healthy, happy people who feel good about their lives and one another just gives me so much faith in the world and everything that is happening to me, and to everyone around me.

And in closing here are two more people who though they haven't even LIVED 50 years yet, manage to be pretty happy and healthy despite everything else. And though maybe we aren't happy with what life is dealing at the moment, we are pretty darn happy with one another. And we are SUPER cute :)

This picture was snapped randomly by a friend after we finished our engagement pictures. I don't know why Adam and I like it as much as we do...

Monday, February 7, 2011

Musical Inspiration

For the first time in months, I have busted out my computer and spent an entire morning sitting in my writing chair and have actually WROTE. And not just blogging or journaling, but actual WRITING. There we go.

I have been blaming my lack thereof on pregnancy and pregnancy brain and the fact that every time I sit at the computer my brain seems in some sort of haze and I can't even get anything good on paper. I need to do laundry and clean, and sew and do a million other things on my to do list for the day but you better BELIEVE they are all getting put to the way side for a little literature bliss.

One thing that I think is funny about myself is that i CANNOT write without music. And maybe that's what helped today, is that while I was in shower I played my "writing" playlist instead of my "driving/dancing" playlist like usual. Maybe it put me in the mood. Either way, I have been listening to amazing moving song after amazing moving song and I thought, hey, how fun would it be to post the playlist that I listen to OVER AND OVER when I write?

So I am going too :) Enjoy. (Ps- I am ALWAYS willing to add more if you have something really good to suggest :)

1. Forever For Tonight Blessed Union of Souls
2. Breathe Michelle Branch
3. Ironic Alanis Morissette
4. Strawberry Wine Deana Carter
5. Breathe In Frou Frou
6. Santa Monica Savage Garden
7. Never Saw Blue Like That Shawn Colvin Runaway Bride Soundtrack
8. Austin Blake Shelton
9. Why Secondhand Serenade
10. Tiny Dancer Elton John
11. You're Beautiful James Blunt
12. Beauty In The Breakdown Frou Frou
13. Stupid Boy Keith Urban
14. Fall For You Secondhand Serenade
15. Seasons of Love Rent
16. Im Moving On Rascal Flatts
17. A Twist In My Story Secondhand Serenade
18. Bring Him Home Les Miserables
19. Carry On Dancing Savage Garden
20. Blue Eyes Cary Brothers
21. Skin Rascal Flatts
22. I'm Yours Jason Maraz
23. A Love That Will Last Renee Olstead
24. Samson Regina Spektor
25. I Believe Blessid Union of Souls
26. Claire de Lune Chopin
27. It's Not Over Secondhand Serenade
28. Like A Knife Secondhand Serenade
29. The Way We Were Barbara Streisand
30. Love story piano Beethoven
31. My Heart Will Go On Celine Dion
32. I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You Colin Hay
33. Hello Again Neil Diamond
34. I Would Give Everything I Own Bread
35. Vulnerable Secondhand Serenade
36. Love remains the same Gavin Rossdale
37. Beautiful World Colin Hay
38. Last to Know Three Days Grace
39. Bittersweet Sara Bareilles
40. Realize Colbie Caillat
41. Shot of Whiskey Wedding Night Mix
42. You Dont Bring Me Flowers Neil Diamond
43. Life for Rent Dido
44. Battle Colbie Caillat
45. Light in Your Eyes Blessid Union of Souls
46. I Hope You Dance Lee Ann Womack
47. Take Me With You Secondhand Serenade
48. And The Angels Cried Alison Krauss
49. The Way He Makes Me Feel barbara Streisand
50. Stay Close, Don't Go Secondhand Serenade
51. Complicated Carolyn Dawn Johnson
52. Way Back Into Love Hugh Grant
53. Your Song Ewan McGregor & Alessandro Safina
54. Let Go Frou Frou
55. Desperato Eagles
56. I Do It For You Brian Adams
57. Overkill Colin Hay
58. Tell Her This Del Amitri
59. Let It Roll Secondhand Serenade
60. Big Brass Bed Josh Gracin
61. Candle in the Wind Elton John
62. I'll Melt with You Bowling For Soup
63. I Want Us Back Craig Morgan
64. Half Alive Secondhand Serenade
65. Come Away with Me Norah Jones
66. Goodbye Secondhand Serenade
67. Love Me Tender Norah Jones and Adam Levy
68. Aubrey Bread
69. Broken Secondhand Serenade
70. Fidelity Regina Spektor
71. Empty Apartment Yellowcard
72. People Barbara Streisand
73. I Melt Rascal Flatts Melt
74. Absolutely (Story Of A Girl) Nine Days
75. Love Robin Hood Disney
76. Chained To You Savage Garden
77. Maybe Secondhand Serenade
78. Never Too Late Three Days Grace
79. Come What May Nicole Kidman & Ewan McGregor
80. Seasons of Love Rent
81. The Lover After Me Savage Garden
82. Let It Roll Secondhand Serenade
83. Holy Water Big & Rich
84. Hey There Delilah Plain White T's
85. On My Own Les Miserables
86. Diary Bread
87. Nothing Better The Postal Service
88. Yesterday The Beatles
89. Breathless (Dance Remix) The Corrs
90. September Morn Neil Diamond
91. I Melt With You Jason Mraz
92. Your Call Secondhand Serenade
93. Tattoo Jordin Sparks
94. Elephant Love Medley Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor
95. Unwritten Vanessa Carlton
96. I'll Be Goo Goo Dolls
97. Lost In You Three Days Grace
98. Hollywood's Not America Ferras
99. Best Day of My Life Dido
100. tested and true Secondhand Serenade
101. Angelene Jo Dee Messina
102. Awake Secondhand Serenade
103. Come On Get Higher Matt Nathanson

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What goin' on

I realized I hadn't done an update in a while, and I just had a doctors appt and I am tired and don't want to blog about anything else so my classic listing update is what you are getting :)

1. Baby is great! He was measuring big but today the doc said we were exactly on track. (And the fact that Logan still favors the scrunched corner of my right love handle to play in all day is apparently NOT weird or anything to worry about.) He still won't drop past a heart rate of 148. That's the lowest we've gotten so far, and this kid is coming in SEVEN weeks.

2. I am healthy- weight gain is good (though I don't look at the scale anymore. Did you know I should still gain 7 pounds? Gah!), blood pressure CRAZY low still, but doc said that was fine. I still LOOK like I am barely 6 months but I promise you- I FEEL like I am 42. (Pray I never get there.) I am EXHAUSTED all the time. Really. I could take 5 naps a day.

3. Adams interview in Memphis went great! Besides all the predictions that no one wants to go to Memphis, Adam LOVED it. The city is a little rough but the school is right up his alley. So we're keeping our fingers crossed. (Maybe I WILL get to live in a big city after all... it will just be REALLY southern instead of eastern ;)

4. Adam is taking a CNA class these next few weeks (started this monday) to get his Nursing Assistant License. He wants to get a job at a nursing home or something, and then get another license and work at the hospital as a flabotomist. (Yes I realize I have NO IDEA how to spell that.) He likes the class well enough- is just excited to get a move on with things.

5. I'm still working my jobs at the mall, Adam's still working away at Best Buy (and he is beloved by all by the way.) We're just playing the REAL waiting game right now- waiting on jobs, school, and this kid inside of me. I HATE the waiting game. Really and truly. But we are pretty happy anyways.

6. Adam's brother made Adam interested in digital drawing (using something like a wacom) a while back and we finally gave into Adams desire for a tablet (early V-day gift. Mine was sewing supplies haha!) and Adam LOVES it. I think its really hard to draw on because your drawing on this thing- but looking UP at the computer screen... Adam has done some pretty darn cool things with it though, and LOVES it.

7. I'm still just sewing in my spare time. Sewing and sleeping really. (I even got to help out with some dress alterations at work the other day which was REALLY fun for me.) And shopping for good deals for baby stuff on line. (Though the only thing we don't have yet is the stroller and that's just cuz I am giving it another week or so before I order it from wal mart.)

Other than that... there is really and truly NOTHING going on in our lives. We work, enjoy some good TV shows, indulge in our hobbies, and then just sit in bed and talk. I think thats more for me because the bed is my favorite spot and Adam loves me so he spends a lot of time there too :) Last Saturday I woke up with such swollen feet that Adam sat in bed ALL DAY with me, cuddling and watching Cougar Town, until I had to go to work at 5. BEST DAY EVER.