Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Look Back...

Some friends of mine did this and I thought it was kind of neat so I am going to do it too :) In very brief format though, so don't worry.

What Happened To Sarah and Adam in 2010:
Came home from Christmas with the Rays. (Sarah's family.) Adam went back to school for his LAST semester EVER. Sarah worked for Dry Cleaning and Beyond. Adam worked on BYU campus as a O-Chem researcher. Sarah worked hard at loosing weight.

They worked. Adam went to school. They decided to move to Tennessee.

They worked. Adam went to school. Sarah ran her first 5k and did it in 30 minutes. (Almost exactly.)

They worked. Adam graduated. Adam turned 24 (yay!) Sarah lost 60 pounds, reaching her goal weight (YAY!) Sarah's family came to visit and say good-bye. They packed up. They traveled cross-country to Tennessee. They saw Adam's brother and sister-in-law and all their kids along the way. Sarah traveled through more states than she had ever been through in her life.

Sarah got a job working as a vendor in Wal Mart. Adam started working for his dad doing construction. Adam started applying for Medical Schools. Sarah met all of Adams best friends from high school. Adam showed Sarah around Johnson City and Tennessee. They enjoyed lots of nice sun. Sarah got called to teach in Relief Society.

They worked. They went on a vacation to Missouri for a family reunion for Adam's mothers side of the family, and they got to see almost all of Adams sisters and brothers. (SUPER fun.)

They worked. They threw a great big Fourth of July party. They went to Atlanta Georgia for a weekend to go to six flags and eat a very fancy expensive dinner. Sarah found out her best friends was pregnant. Sarah found out that SHE was pregnant! Sarah and Adams mom through a great Hawaiian girls summer swimming party.

Sarah quit working as a vendor at Wal Mart, and started looking for work closer to home. Adam worked. They baked in the sun. Adams sister Amber and her husband and two kids came for a visit.

Adam worked hard. Sarah turned 24! Sarah's best friend Becky came to visit. Sarah had her first doctors appointment and ultrasound. Sarah got a job at the mall working for a formal dress shop called Princess Diaries.

Adam stopped working for his dad and started looking for work. Sarah got a second job working for Motherhood Maternity also in the mall. Sarah worked. Adam cleaned and kept her sane while she went crazy with early pregnancy hormones :)

Adam got a job with Best Buy, and worked LOTS. Sarah worked. They celebrated their 3rd wedding anniversary. They found out their baby was a boy! Adam went on his first med school interview to West Virginia (Sarah went with him.) They had a quiet Thanksgiving all to themselves. They saw their good friends Alison and Jared who were driving through JC on their way to New York.

They worked. A LOAD. Adam found out his research from the O-Chem lab was getting published in January. He also got a second med school interview in Memphis TN (to be held in January). Sarah actually got big enough that you would call her pregnant and not just fat. They had a quiet Christmas with Adam's parents. They got to visit with Adams older brother Ryan who came down for the Arbys. They celebrated New Years with Adams friends by watching comedy movies. Sarah hit her third trimester on the 31st.

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