Saturday, January 29, 2011

How to Watch TV With Sarah and Adam

We are pretty weird when it comes to our TV watching I will admit. We like the TV- its nice to be able to come home from work at 9 at night and just sit and veg together. Or to have background noise on during the day when the other one isn't at home to talk too. (I'm sorry, coming as second oldest in a VERY loud family of five never taught me how to enjoy silence. Or more than an hour of it outside of a spiritual realm. I like noise.)

Lately Adam and I have been looking for a new show to add to our repertoire, and it made me laugh when I realized what thought and trial and error we put into such an unimportant decision. So for your enjoyment, these are the rules we have when it comes to deciding on a new show to watch together. (We do have our own separate shows we watch separately- seeing as I don't love EVERY anime and Adam really cant stand BBC's Robin Hood. But there you go.)

1. It's got to be a comedy. We have only made one exception to this and that was House. And though you would HAVE to classify House as a drama, those of you who have watched it can attest that it is usually pretty darn hilarious as well. But no- we are not fans of reality shows, cop shows, drama's etc. If were gonna be watching something together, we better be laughing.

2. It can't require a whole lot of focus. For instance: this past week we tired to get into Arrested Development. We agree- its very funny. But the type of funny it is, takes a lot of attention to catch. You really have to be paying attention. And we just don't think the show, the acting, the jokes, are good enough to merit the type of attention it takes to watch and laugh at. Make sense? Whereas Big Bang Theory is witty AND slapstick, and yet I can still check my email while watching it without loosing the story line and character developments. The show has to be good enough to focus on, and easy enough to enjoy as background noise.

3. It needs to be consistently good, and good from the start. If we are not laughing hard by the third episode- we will NEVER continue to watch it. And if we go three or more episodes without laughing hard, we are going to turn it off. Hence our aversion to The Office. It makes me laugh a little bit maybe every four of five episodes. Hence- not worth my attention. Scrubs on the other hand, usually makes me bust a gut EVERY episode, and it maybe has TWO lame shows every SEASON. Much better odds.

4. It has to have a lot of basis in OUR lives now. Maybe that is selfish but we have to connect to it. Hence why Modern Family has never really been watched. But why we can EASILY invest ourselves in something like Friends, or Community. They are from times of life we recognize, people we recognize, situations we have been in. They all have references we know... and they are usually very charming as well as funny. We like the good feeling. But we WOULDN'T be touched if we couldn't relate. Make sense?

So... hence our newest TV addiction... (and you will all laugh at this) COUGAR TOWN.

One, by the second episode I laughed so hard I cried. No joke. Adam had to pause the show so I didn't miss the next joke.

Two, amazing quality. Same producer as Scrubs who ALSO helped write Spin City, Actors from Scrubs and Friends that we have loved, and wonderful new actors that really do their part.

Three, there is enough humor to keep you going while I am making price comparisons for strollers, and yet if I pause and really listen, I will catch onto quips from the son or the friend that make me DIE laughing.

Four, there has yet to be a bad episode. Seriously. (As far as I have seen.)

And five, besides the fact that the relationships are all pretty darn heartwarming, and by the middle of first season almost every character has been given some type of depth (okay all but one, but she isn't a major character... more just pops in for some comedy) but it really makes you think about the stages of life- being young, middle aged, getting older. Having babies, having teen-agers, enjoying being single, being a teen.... and it makes you LAUGH about all of life.

We heart it. Very much. Plus, Courtney Cox Looks ROCKING. (She was Adam's favorite in Friends too... I think he has a secret TV crush on her. :)


  1. Okay... I guiltily love cougartown too. but you have to admit it is complete trash and rubbish. The acting and story lines are so over the top dramatic. But, I love the ridiculousness. I can't believe you don't love Modern Family though. It is seriously the best show since friends. Give it another try. I come away laughing every time. And who can't relate to crazy families?

  2. try the show Psych! You might really like it. It kind of reminds me a little bit of Scrubs and I am obsessed with Scrubs!

  3. HEY!!! You are too cute. Serisouly so glad you found me. I didnt realize you had commented sorry! Congrats on your pregnancy. That is so exciting!!