Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year! Goals and Resolutions.

Who can resist writing on their blog today? Shame on you if you can :) Its 1/1/11! How fun!

I used to think resolutions were dumb. Because I never followed them. Then my dad pointed out that they work when we make them serious, not too ridiculous, and we write them down.

So every year I take a normal sheet of lined paper, and I fill every line with a goal for that year. Sometimes they are very small, very silly, and very easy. Sometimes they are more big. I keep the list in the front of my journal always that way I have something to refer back to during the year and I don't forget.

This year I spent some extra time taking it more seriously than I had in the past. I made a list of all the things I really felt that I wanted and that I needed in my life- big and small, and then made goals on how to get those things. And then of course added in a few fun ones just for kicks :)

Some of my goals this year are really personal so I am not going to share all of them but I AM going to share some of them. Because i like to hear what other people are doing and because I like to say what I am doing :)

GOALS FOR 2011 (some of them anyways)

1. Blog on each blog twice a week. (Have a total of 99 blogs by the end of the year. This leaves me some room for when this kid is born- that way I can slack a little when I am adjusting my life :)

2. Get my pre-baby body back. (I am excited for this one :)

3.continue journaling for Logan (I have been writing to him every week since I found out I was pregnant, and I want to keep going. Maybe not every week but at least once a month so he has a record of who he was, even when he was very small.)

4. read something spiritual every day (I am a horrible slacker on this. Maybe not so much percentage wise- and some times are way better than others but I am going to work REALLY hard to stick to this)

5. Make and keep a new budget every time our income changes

6. learn/ be better at couponing

7. Learn to applique

8. Always do the dishes right away (or as soon as possible. I know right away may not be possible with a little man underfoot- or in arms :)

9. start at least one family tradition with Logan

10. have lots of quality Sarah and Adam time (I felt like this is a good goal with baby on the way because everything I read talks about how to MAKE SURE baby doesn't take over the marriage. Spouse needs to be #1 and I want to work REALLY hard to make sure Adam stays at the top of my list)

I have a few more but those are the ones you are getting :) Happy New Years everyone! Here's hoping that everyone can experience a wonderful 2011!

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