Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Three Years, Shutterfly Book

For those of you that think that I just spend my pregnant days moping around the house and missing Adam when I am not working- writing sad blogs and reading everyones facebook multiple times :) be prepared to be wrong! haha! :) I have been a crafting FIEND. I realized at the start of the year that I had a million and a half unfinished projects for this dear child of mine that is coming, so I made myself a schedule of certain things that I had to get done every week that way everything would get done before he came, and that way I would keep myself busy. (I REALLY enjoy crossing things off a list.)

Since I made a craft blog I am going to post everything on there, but I wanted to give you a taste with this :) (And because I couldn't get shutterfly to post it on my craft blog- only this one.) Either way- this is the type of thing I LOVE to work on, (I LOVE digital book making) and post on my craft blog so GO to sarahscreativebrain,.com and see other things!!

This is a book I made to document Adam and mines third year of marriage. I just printed it. Adam HATES having photo albums cluttering the house, but he lets me do this every year because it is a book and I get to use my writing talents :) And I love it. And then I get my way and I get to see my favorite pictures from the year in print. Good compromise I think.

Click here to view this photo book larger

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