Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 9: A Picture of the Person Who Has Gotten You Through the Most

Lets be honest- the people I FIRST thought of have already been written about, or they WILL be written about soon. The person that I decided to talk about today, who fits well into the post category, is NOT the curly haired squenchy faced little girl, but the blond boy she is hugging. Yes, I am the little girl. (Cute right?) And that's my older brother Charlie.
Lets face it, Charlie has probably CAUSED as much damage in my life as he has fixed :) He tried to kill me- almost quite seriously, MULTIPLE times when I was younger. I have a two life long scars because of him, not to mention a dent in my forehead. We spent the first... ten years of my life? LOATHING one another. And then the next... four? ignoring the others complete existence.
And then I went into high school. Okay, middle of eighth grade. And we suddenly made this switch- and have been LIFE long best friends ever since then. I can honestly say if it weren't for my older brother, I would NEVER have been able to live with my parents during high school. (Charlie tends to be much more chill than I am. Silent anger. I yell.) In fact, we were SO close in high school, and looked SO different (Charlie is more... blond and lean while I am more brown and...well round) that people OFTEN thought we were dating. I guess thats what you get for eating lunch together and walking the other to class.

He was HUGE in promoting my self-esteem despite the fact that he STILL calls me Sasquach. He made me one of his friends, let me DATE his friends, tried to be close to me and my friends, wanted to love the guys I loved... was just the type of quiet support that I needed. We had a background policy in school- love me love my sibling. I was NEVER left out of any event, despite if his buddies didn;t want me there. I was excepted into everything. And NO ONE was aloud to bad mouth my brother in front of me.
I know almost all of his dirty secrets, he knows all of mine. I was first to know when he and my sister-in-law eloped, and when they got pregnant. He always comes to me for some fun talk, or girl advice. Still. He makes me LAUGH. Like... the way Adam makes me laugh. He is one of the few people that TRULY validates my reason for living. And he inspires me. He has come so far, worked through so much, is SUCH a great dad, works hard, has faith, is out at sea right now, DURING THE HOLIDAYS promoting our country for the Navy...

So... yeah. Maybe when I was younger Charlie would have been the one person I would hope would disappear. And though maybe he didn't hold me when I cried like my mom did, or write missionary letters with me when I was most lonely like Becky did, but Charlie has gotten me through A LOT of the deep issues within myself. He has gotten me through some of the basic parts of life by making me feel needed, loved, and useful.

I LOVE my older brother. A whole lot. And I am REALLY proud of him. And grateful for him and what he has done for me.

(PS- all this reminds me, and so I am going to promote here :) my "creative" blog, I am posting some super short personal essays I wrote about my family FOR my family for Christmas. So if you want to read them go to

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