Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 8: A Picture that Makes You Laugh

Believe it or not it was hard for me to think of a picture that makes me laugh- a lot make me smile... but THIS one makes me laugh out loud out right every time that I see it. This is Adam and his best friend Ryan Miller Fourth of July of...2009. I think Miller was trying to express his love of Adam to Adam... and Adam was pretending to be weirded out by it.

But they really do act like this. A lot. They love one another a lot. Not weirdly but exactly the type of love you wish you saw more between guys because guys really need it.
Have you ever seen Scrubs? That is Adam and Miller- the are JD and Turk. Usually Miller is Turk, but they take turns switching spots every once and a while. At the end of the whole show JD is sitting with Turks wife and she says to him, "Do me one favor. Tell me my husband loves me more than you." And JD sighs and says, "It's about the same." :)

Sometimes I feel like I need to ask Miller to tell me that Adam loves me more than him :) But I guess Miller DID get Adam through his mission, and he has been best friend not only to Adam, but to me as well. We except all the love we can get from him.

And frankly- Adam and I are SUPER excited for March/ April, and sometimes we feel bad for realizing its NOT because we have a baby coming, but because Ryan Miller is coming :) "Cherry... Grape... both good."

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