Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vain Request

Those of you who have been posting here and on my facebook telling me that I am pretty and cute with my big prego belly PLEASE keep telling me so. Because the more you do the more I try to actually see it when I look at my pictures. Because lets face it. I just feel


And I know. They say you HAVE to get big to be prego, and it is okay to feel big. But you know what? I don't just feel like I have a big baby belly. I feel like I have a big face, big chest, big belly, big legs, and after 12 hours of work I even have HUGE feet. Every time I look in the mirror I just feel HUGE.

Please, those of you who have had kids, tell me I WILL be small again. I feel like Gulliver when he visits the land of the little people.

And whether you are prego or not- get ready for April. I am giving myself maybe a week to recuperate from birth (I may give myself two depending on HOW much I hurt) and then I am hitting the- I miss my body- bandwagon hard. There are going to be weight loss posts, running, kickboxing, Weight Watchers meals- its gonna rock.

And whether you want to hear it or not you know what I am going to treat myself too when I am back to being thin? New jeans and sexy lingerie. Thats right I said it- hot undies. You may want to deny it but they make a girl feel GOOD. Whether you have someone to show them too or not.


  1. All I have to say is by looking at your 24 weeks picture you look like a sexy momma!! I'm not even just saying that either (I know that is what you are thinking!) I really think you look hot! I think it is natural to feel like everything is big and nasty and unattractive but at the same time I miss being pregnant and having a cute baby bump! After delivery do kegels, they are amazing and will help your uterus contract too, definitely try to breastfeed because that'll help drop the weight a ton!!! I only gained 25 lbs and when I got home from the hospital I only had 5 to lose but because of breastfeeding I lost 10 lbs! Also definitely go out and buy something sexy for your post baby body because it'll make you feel TONS better! I had stitches so recovery took a little longer than I would have liked and all I wanted to wear for almost 2 weeks were sweats because they were the most comfortable and honestly you won't venture out much those 1st 2 weeks. Talk to your doctor because those 6 weeks after delivery they don't want you to push your body way hard. If you haven't been running and kickboxing regularly during the pregnancy (esp. the end) then don't be hard core right away after delivery. Anyways, I know you will bounce back to your desired body shape quickly! Just remember you aren't huge AT ALL!! You look normal and you are beautiful!

  2. Sarah, you are sexy! But let me squash your plans a bit. One week after you have the baby it still hurts to sit on a couch. And even a semi fast walk is difficult. Don't push yourself too hard or it will just frustrate you. Enjoy your baby boy. You'll have plenty of time to get your body back. Also dieting isn't so great if you are breastfeeding because you need the calories. Just relax and take your time. Stress is no good! Enjoy the belly and enjoy the baby. It is the best!

  3. I agree with Kim. Giving birth is the most exciting, most thrilling part of the whole pregnancy! but with my first, it was difficult to walk for about the first 3 weeks. WHICH obviously that could be very different for you. Good luck with your weight loss plan post baby! I admire your desire to get back into shape so fast. Maybe you'll get lucky like me and weigh less than your standard weight after you give birth. I'll cross my fingers for ya!!

  4. Yes, give yourself time. Honestly, I was in survival mode because my child didn't sleep. :) But once I got the go ahead at the 6 week mark, I started taking walks with Lillie-long walks- and slowly worked up to doing step aerobics. :) I weigh less now than when I first got pregnant. Totally doable and totally possible. Just give yourself time and nurse that baby. That's probably what helped me the most-she sucked the fat right off! :)

  5. Sarah, you are HOT. Seriously. I wish I had your body! I think women are beauuutiful when they are pregnant. But I know, I've been in the "I am HUGE" place not long ago. I know how you feel. And ditto to the people above - give it time. I am just now getting to my 6 week mark and tried to do yoga yesterday. It was laughable! I couldn't even hold myself up because my stomach muscles are sooo out of whack. But I did have a c-section, so that's different.

    ANYWAY, you are going to lose it in no time. I'm on that track, too!