Saturday, December 18, 2010


So, I know this is late in coming but I just recently watched the new Twilight movie Eclipse. Adam hates seeing Harry Potter and Twilight in full price theaters and unfortunately, they do not have a dollar theatre in Johnson City so I wait for things to come out on Netflicks. Not too bad once people are don't talking about them after the first week they are out. But here are my late in coming impressions.

1. Edward's acting skills have gone up. I still dislike him, but I like him MUCH more with each movie, and I am impressed with his growth.

2. I actually kind of like their interpretation of Edward not wanting to be with Bella as an act of jealous. I thought I would hate it, but it works for me,

3. I still hate Bella with an EXTREME passion. The woman CANNOT ACT. Worth beans. She sucks. I know a handful of girls who have done nothing in film that would do better than her. (Joni Newman- I want to cast you as Bella. I think you would be EXCELLENT. I think your wit would add a lot.)

4. I didn't like Jacob as much. Don't get me wrong- I still like him, and yes I think he is SUPER HOT. So sue me. But... I miss a little of his- fun loving carefreeness in this movie. Maybe played a little too intense. (And Bella does NOT help. She makes their romance AWFUL to watch.)

5. Did Rosalie suddenly get hot? I never liked her but I had a hard time taking my EYES from her when she was on scene. Something about her face- hair- make-up. She has a very individual look- but she stole the screen. Loved it.

6. Loved that they really stayed true to her and Jaspers story. So good. That's my favorite part of the last two books is really getting to know those two and I think they really focused on them a lot in the movie. Or just enough. Either way I liked it.

7. The "sex" talk between Charlie and Bella- SUPER awkwardly done. It is an awkward moment- but one we should be LAUGHING at as we remember OUR talks with OUR parents. Not cringing. I think it was badly handled.

8. I still like Charlie. I like his attitude around Edward. I think he is a perfect casting and I love him. He cracks me up. Even Adam likes him a lot.

All in all- I think it was better done than the first two. I think it had a lot of potential to be even better, seeing as the second movie was such a vast improvement from the first and this one was not as vast an improvement as the second one was. I like that Edward is growing on me, especially since I like him a lot in Harry Potter. I like that he is improving. I am glad that I saw the movie, I am also glad I did not waste 8 dollars to see it in Theaters. It would have been worth the 2 dollars for a dollar theatre. I also still hold the opinion that though the Twilight movies are worth watching, none of them are actually worth owning.

I am also SUPER interested to see how they are going to handle this last movie. Bella better step it up and be a good vampire or she is going to end up at the top of my enemies list.

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  1. i concur. bella sucks at acting she even make the romance between her and EDWARD unbearable!! is so.... CHEESY (for lack of a better work) i love charlie too, hes one of those people who reminds you of someone you know but you cant figure out who it is! lol i definately have the same opinions tho!