Sunday, December 12, 2010

Top Ten

I haven't done THIS in a while either and I thought it would be a great time, and a good fun time of year, to do it in!

1. Shutterfly. I always do my on-line books and cards and such from Wal Mart because they are still good quality, and they are so cheap, but I have gotten A LOT of discounts to shutterfly lately and I LOVE the stuff that I have gotten from them!

2. Peanut butter cookies. I made a TON of Christmas cookies, (as I do every year) for friends and family and co-workers, and forgot until I made them how AMAZING peanut butter cookies really are. Now I need to go make Snickerdoodles...

3. AWESOME doctors. My doctors office has seven practicing doctors in it and I see all of them. And I love them. My favorite is a guy named Courtney but either way- so happy to love my doctors.

4. COMMUNITY!! Try it- love it. You wont go back. Its AWESOME.

5. Harry Potter. I finished re-reading the seventh a while back (I had to re-read them all BEFORE I saw the movie, which I still haven't done) but while I was re-reading the seventh I was overcome with how AMAZING these books are. I had totally forgotten.

6. Mineral powder cover-up. One of my good girl friends is a Mary Kay consultant and she made me try some... I don't think I will EVER be able to go to any other kind of cover-up. I LOVE IT.

7. Pants that don't shrink in the washer and dryer. Any clothes that don't shrink in washer or dryer.

8. Being able to sew, and just as good as that, free downloadable patterns on-line. I couldn't find a SINGLE long skirt anywhere and needed it so I didn't have to shave, so I downloaded patterns and made two. AND I LOVE THEM. (Go to my craft blog to check them out :) I'll be posting about them soon.)

9. Space heaters. I get to hot too fast, so Adam and I turned off ALL heat upstairs, and we use a space heater to keep our room warm. It works PERFECT.

10. Soda. Yell at me all you want. My boos does- she thinks carbonation is bad for prego women but I dont care. My doctor says I am healthy. And I LOVE carbonation.

Happy December!

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