Friday, December 17, 2010

Three Year, Pregnancy, and Christmas Pictures!!

My mom has the coolest thing in her house. For almost every year she and my dad have been married-0r at least every year that they have had a kid, they have taken a family picture. And then my mom has lined them all up in order in one long row down one long hallway in our house so you can see how our family has progressed every year. Its pretty fun to be honest, though I am truly embarrassed about my pictures from the age of like... ten to 15. 16 was okay :)
Anyways, Adam and I have tried to do the same thing ever since. We have our wedding photo, and then every year around our anniversary we try to take a picture. It has worked out pretty well, especially since those pictures transfer perfectly to Christmas cards, being near that same time of year.
Last year we waited until the day before Christmas to get them done because the longer we waited the thinner I would be :) We did the OPPOSITE this year, and waited longer so I could be OBVIOUSLY pregnant in the pictures :) That way I could put at the end of the card (this shows you what an INSANE planned I am) Love, Adam, Sarah, and the soon to be Logan Moeck
:) Fun right?
Well, time ran out on us, and schedules ran short so finally a few nights ago we dressed up and Adams dad snapped a few pictures of us. We had a hard time finding lighting that worked right or looked good, so the pictures didn't turn out as great as I had hopped, but I did some editing on my awesome mac, and then I took a few prego pics from the side (hello 25 weeks right?) and I cant be upset because at least we got a FEW that turned out okay. Well enough for some online book making and for a Christmas card. Plus, we are SUPER grateful for Adams dad who took the time to snap a few of these for us, so no complaints here.
Anyways, these are the best we got so enjoy!

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