Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Parade and Many Thanksgiving

For years, it has been my tradition to watch as MUCH of the thanksgiving day parade as I can. I think it started the year NSync performed haha! Since then there is always someone or something I love.

Not many people love it, but people will check in on me as I watch it, and sit with me for moments. Adam sleeps in, eats breakfast with me, then will come back when the parade is over and the national dog show is on. :) (We like the puppies.)

This year, I cried three times during the parade.

yes three.

Very pathetic.

The first was when the black Iron Man dude was saying what he was grateful for and mentioned a beautiful supportive wife, great kids, and a wonderful country.

The second was during a Folgers commercial where the sister hands her brother back the gift he has given her and tells him that him coming home for the holidays is her present.

The third was the end when Meredith made her salute to the troops overseas and all the wonderful work they are doing for us, our country, and other countries.

This led directly into my second personal Thanksgiving tradition, where I make a list of 100 things I am grateful for. I do it every year.

It seems like, this year, everyone and everything was saying how WONDERFULLY grateful they were for family. For spouses, for kids, for parents. Maybe it is the season, maybe it is just this part of the country, but it filled me SO much and so strongly to see how dedicated people were to family and the people that they love. What a wonderful blessing to see this and hear this on national TV from our idols and stars.

The first two things on my list this year were thanks for Adam, my wonderful amazing husband, and for my unborn baby. I had to go through the possibility of not being able to have children. I didn't want to adopt. I feel so greatly the blessing of having this kid in me. Even if he does cause me pain.

I was also so grateful for the gestures everyone made to support our country and the troops. I don't care if you support the cause. My favorite comment ever about the war was made by... I think Cher... where she said, "I may not support the war effort. But I support the men fighting." Thank you.

Because this holiday season my older brother and one of my best friends, husband and father of two, is spending Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and maybe Valentines Day inside of a submarine for the US Navy supporting our wonderfully inspired country.

We may have problems. Every country does. But I KNOW, I have a testimony that this country is inspired, that God is behind it. And I am so grateful for my brother, for my husband, and the wonderful friends we know and love who are willing, and are giving up years to serve the cause of this country and the divine powers behind it.

I am grateful this year for America. I am grateful for my brother. I am grateful for the other troops. And I am grateful for all those out there who no matter what you think about the cause, you support the men in uniform.

There were many other wonderful things about the parade (including Santa) and many other wonderful things on my 100 grateful list including peanut butter, my hair, and the feeling of true happiness.

Because true happiness is what I felt watching the parade Thanksgiving morning. Happiness born of gratefulness. I hope I can always hold onto that feeling and I hope you get to feel it often this season.

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