Monday, December 6, 2010

The Pregnancy Belly

So... pregnancy bellies are super weird. And I am really just realizing this because since I am carrying so low, so far back, and so compactly, you can just barely start telling that I am pregnant. I was all of 22 weeks before people dared to ask, "So when are you due?" Instead of giving me the look that clearly said, "Are you pregnant or did you just let yourself go?"

The other day I was getting ready to shower, stripped down, and standing in front of the mirror waiting for the shower water to heat up. I was looking myself over. Yes, I do this. And a lot. Since I was in high school. I read about a girl in a book who used to always check herself out naked in the mirror that way while she was developing she wouldn't one day wake up with something that she didn't know she had.

I liked this idea because I am very into the idea of knowing yourself inside and out better than you know anyone else. I am really big on all that personal knowledge, love, and discovery crap. Plus, this is a great trick to do when you are loosing weight because you really start to notice all the tiny differences in your body which makes your weight loss seem so much more worth it, even if it is going slow. And really, even if your body HASNT gotten smaller- there can be NOTHING wrong in thinking you are thin can there? Its called- CONFIDENCE.

Anyways. I digress. So I was staring at myself from the side (I am not including pictures) and I realized, that I could see this... line almost, down my side, of where my thin body was. I think its really a continuating line from my ribs, but I can see where my small body used to be from the side. Its like someone took this oval, round sack, and clay like molded it onto the front of me while I wasn't looking.

Seriously. A doctor would have no trouble lopping this growth off to make me look normal again. Now, I KNOW this round thing really doesn't fall off after the baby is born but PLEASE. Do not pop my bubble. I am very willing to believe that I will be able to see that thin me from the side withOUT the weird front growth by june or July. (That gives me three months... that's about 24 pounds. I am sure HOPING I don't have much more to loose than that.) I can even go four months until August.

But either way. Its a little strange to look at in the mirror with your clothes off. Pregnancy bellies are super weird.


  1. I do that all the time, too! And I agree pregnant bellies are totally weird. I thought I would lose mine pretty fast - and I admit that I have lost a lot already - but my whole body is totally different than it was before. People always told me that, but now I know it's true. I've lost 23 pounds so far. I gained 40, so not toooo much left. I guess. :)

  2. one word. BREASTFEED. And, you look GORGEOUS in your new picture. christmasy and pretty!