Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pigeon Holing the Child

It is not much of a secret. Or if it is, it really shouldn't be. We are naming out child Logan. And yes, that IS after Wolverine. We have been planning on naming our first boy after Wolverine before Adam and I even knew for sure that we were getting married. In fact, we are playing around with the idea of giving all of our boys names that correspond with Superhero alter egos. There are some good ones. Hank, Peter, Wayne, Clark, Wade, Charles (we love Charles. That was, or is our back up for this kid.)

A couple of weeks ago a WONDERFUL
woman in our ward realized that she had an
extra crib, and as she was moving, offered it to Adam and I FOR FREE. We were pretty excited. (This picture is Adam masterfully taking it apart so we could transport it home flat in the bed of the truck.) It was a much nicer crib than I was thinking we would get which is way cool.

When we got it home we took it upstairs to store in the playroom. On the couch in the playroom are two pillows that used to grace Adam's bed when he was a child. Guess who is on them. No surprise. So we are for SURE taking them with us when we move out before our Logan is born and as I gleefully took a picture of them,
wondering if we could find an AWESOME poster of Wolverine for the walls of the nursery, and lamenting that I couldn't find Wolverine fabric to make our Logans quilt. Adam looked at me and asked:

"Do you think were pigeon holing the baby?"

:) We probably are. But his name sake is the only hope he has of being butch. Lets face it. He's getting mine and Adam genes. He will probably be more like a skinny version of Beast. Aka: preferring to do science experiments in the basement than out on adventures.

Plus, if a young boy is GOING to be pigeon holed, who better by than the coolest super hero on earth? :)

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  1. You guys are so funny and cute. I wanted to name our little man after Mr. darcy (fitzwilliam) but trent said no. :(