Friday, December 10, 2010

Our December Update

There REALLY isn't anything new going on in our lives, but I figured it has been a LONG time since I have done this, so since I have so many posts to write anyways, might as well use one to write about what we are doing right now. In a list. Because I love the lists :)

1. Adam is working at Best Buy supposedly part time, but they have been scheduling him for 41 hour weeks... a GREAT thing because we can use the money, and he really likes the job. He enjoys his co-workers and his bosses, and the people and all the electronics... So yay for that.

2. I am still working at the mall- at Motherhood Maternity and a formal dress shop called Princess Diaries. Its retail but it hasn't been so bad because they are both such SPECIFIC stores that we get JUST enough traffic without me wanting to hurt myself :) I get a good amount of hours each week as well... especially now during the holidays. So we are slowly saving our minimum wage... wages.

3. Christmas tree has gone up, christmas pictures have been taken, cards have been ordered, I even have Christmas presents wrapped! We only need a few more until all of our shopping is done. I have made cookies for our neighbors and am bagging them today... it is the Christmas season and I am ready to lay back and have FUN!

4. Baby is doing great as far as I know. I start going to the doctors twice a month in January- weird that the time is going so fast. He is kicking up a storm which sometimes is way fun, and sometimes SUPER annoying. Always makes Adam smile though. But he is growing cuz I am growing so we are all happy here.

5. When Adam is not working, he is helping me around the house (like cleaning the bathroom because the chemical smell is WAY to strong for me right now) or he is playing the new WOW expansion. I gotta admit- it looks SO good it makes me want to play again.

6. When I am not working I am usually reading or doing SOMETHING crafty/ creative. Whether is writing, or sewing, or painting... LOTS of sewing going on up in here. And I LOVE it.

7. We are ALSO enjoying our favorite new show. Watching it over and over like we seem to do with all of our favorite shows- COMMUNITY! In love right here.

8. I am also hanging out more with the girls in the area- on my day off Monday I went up to my friend Leanns house and we sewed and watched girly movies all afternoon. It was AWESOME.

Otherwise- I cant think of anything else we are doing. Sewing, sleeping, working, playing, enjoying christmas... all lots of fun!!

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