Monday, December 13, 2010

New Blog

I used to have a blog where I would post all the things I was writing, but I realized that I never EVER posted on it. I seem to go through phases where I write, or sew, or paint, or make books on line... the thing is, I like to do LOTS of creative things and I wanted a place besides this blog to be able to post all of them besides JUST crafts, or JUST my writing.

So, I started a new blog! I erased my writing blog, and titled this new one the Imagination Station. I am going to try to post twice a week, and put all the things that I am working on. Sewing, writing, everything. So, I posted a like to it to the side of THIS blog, with all my craft ideas and such on it. So go and check it out! Then you can see all the writing and sewing and other crafts that I am working on.

The address is

See it and I hope you love it! I have already posted a few things so make sure to look through them all! (As much as I love all of YOUR creative spaces.)

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