Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Moist Maker

Have any of you seen than episode of Friends where Ross gets kicked out of the museum because someone ate his amazing Thanksgiving leftover sandwich?I have a secret. I too have an amazing Thanksgiving leftover sandwich. Although I will give you another secret- mine is a wrap, not a sandwich.

And, third secret here, I didn't actually make it up. My senior year of high school my friend Riley Dean took me out to lunch and we couldn't decide on a place to eat so we just went to the grocery store deli and got food. And I got a wrap. And it was the best thing that I have ever eaten, and I have been recreating it every Thanksgiving since then.

And I am about to give you the secret to this amazing dish. Are you ready?

Sarah's Amazing Copy of the Fred Meyer Thanksgiving Turkey Wrap
1. You need a tortilla. Mine in this picture is wheat. Use whatever you want.2. SLATHER that tortilla in Cream Cheese. I use whipped because it is easier to spread. And I use LOADS cuz I love Cream Cheese.3. Spread it with cranberry sauce. My sauce looks funny cause I make cranberry apricot sauce but whatever kind of cranberries you like- spread it over the cream cheese.4. Put on the turkey. I didn't have too many turkey leftovers so I am using luncheon meat here but either will work. Use as much as you want.5. Put on whatever veggies you like. I like lettuce, tomato, and LIGHT onion. I would use LOTS of tomato. It just tastes SO GOOD! (When I ate this wrap it was the first time I EVER learned to like tomato in ANYTHING.)

6. Wrap it, or roll it up.
7. Eat it. (Ps- yes this is what my hair looks like when I DO not do it.)
So easy, and SO SO SO good. I like to use leftover stuffing for a side, instead of chips or anything. But I am in love with stuffing more than anything ever. So go ahead, make it, try it, eat it, enjoy it, and just think of me while you do it. :)

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  1. so you remember when we were in high school and we would eat a bagel every morning? and how we pretty much used half a tub of cream cheese on each bagel... yeah i miss those days. youre the only other person on this planet that likes as much cream cheese as i do. my husband doesnt get it haha