Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Forgotten Update of GREAT Things

I forgot to mention yesterday a couple of GREAT things that happened for us right before Christmas!

1. Adam got another med school interview! He's heading to Memphis on the 18th of January (well, the interview is the 18th, so he'll head out the day before). I have to work so this will be the longest we have been apart since Adam got home from his mission. Sad day, but I am so happy for him and we are so excited! MD schools have been SUPER hard for us to break into so this is a wonderful gifts for us.

2. All the research that Adam did in his O-chem lab while he was in college in getting published!! An article is going to come out in some science magazine in January. Very excited to see Adam's name in print with some SUPER smart stuff :) Plus, it'll look good on ANY application for ANYTHING.

So yay for us and SUPER YAY for Adam, and all the amazing hard work he has put into life and his career, and for all the patience and hope he has had. He amazes me all the time. I am a lucky gal.

And so much thanks to our Heavenly Father for all of the blessings- the opportunities and best of all the renewed faith and hope that we are on the right track. It was the best Christmas gift we got this year, and def needed.

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  1. hooray! i love it when husbands are awesome. :) I think a couple days is worse than a couple weeks away to be honest (sorry)..I'm having a ton of fun right now! Good luck!