Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day Six: A Picture That Shows Your True Self

Yes, we are back to this now that I have given out updates :) This has been fun for me to do so I think I am going to continue it even in January.

This one was hard for me. There are so many sides to my "true" self that how can I find ONE picture? I mean really. Whoever can show their real self in photo is a sad being indeed. The point of being true to who you are is admitting and loving every part of you.

So, even though it is going to make this post A LOT longer, I have a series of photos of me that I feel really just say- hey, THIS is Sarah.
This is when I finished climbing one of the hardest mountains in England, and getting down on the other side. I really don't have a skinny dipping picture because that would be awkward so this is the best I did :) Showing me getting soaking wet in any body of water that I can. Skinny dipping is part of who I am.
This is how I feel when I am conquering. Myself, or something else that was hard. This was how I used to imagine myself when I was younger and I overcame something. It was amazing to actually experience it- holding tightly against a strong blowing wind. Feeling triumphant, feeling as if I have overcome something hard for ME- that is me.
Yeah- this should be self explanatory :) Before I even got on the PLANE to England, I was sitting down in a coffee shop with a magazine and journaling away. I think more than writing, journaling is a part of who I am. I have been writing in journals since I was six.
This picture is suppose to show the romantic side of myself. Because I am a hopeless romantic and having a real romance in my life has been the best thing ever.
Prego me :) Because part of who I truly am- is mother bear. My three biggest dreams? Get married (aka have a romance) have kids (aka be a mom) and write a book. I am so nervous, but so VERY excited about being a mom. That is part of the true me.
Yeah, this is me :) The true me that at 20 (and 25 :) still LOVES to play, and dress-up, and be ridiculous and goofy. (me and my room-mates after we played dress-up made a blanket tent. It was awesome.) Plus, I love dressing up for real life. I don't do it often, but when I have a reason to get all shaved, and make-uped, and dressed up- I really ENJOY doing it. When I have the time.
Yes, skinny me I feel is the true me. Because, truly, when I was a kid, I used to dream of myself as older, always thin, and always with a Farah Fawcett hairstyle... I probably wont do the hairstyle, but I never felt SO ME as when I was fit and thin, and I knew I had worked for it. I dont regret my heavy days- I learned a lot from it- but the true me I do believe is a size six.
The running me. I have HATED running all my entire life and getting thin made me learn to LOVE it. I guess this was conquering things as well- but I am SO excited to have this baby and RUN again! Maybe with him in a cute jogger stroller. And to jog with Adam cuz HE loves it. Funny- that something I used to hate really brought me closer to myself and the others in my life.
The contemplative me. That is why I love this picture. Once when I was single I was lying me bed staring at the top of the bunk bed and my room-mate came over and tapped me to make sure I was ok. I sit and day dream A LOT. Even when I am not just sitting- I am usually day dreaming or thinking about something. The contemplative me is a big part of who I truly am.

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