Friday, December 31, 2010

Day Seven: Someone or Something That Has Made the Biggest Impact on Me

Before I start this post- I DID add pictures to the last one. So re-read! I added to it. I meant to before it posted but I had a hard time getting to Adams picture. I'm sorry- its annoying that I have to wait for a time when Adam doesn't need the computer and to get on and download my pictures and post them. Takes forever :)

Someone or something who has made the biggest impact on me? Easy. My mom.
My mom and I have been best friends, easy since I was 12 or so. She has always been the most important person to me in the world. Maybe its the fact that we are so different or so the same that makes us so close, but I remember telling Adam that one of the only reasons I knew he was right to marry was because he was the only person on earth I could imagine giving up my mom for if needed.
Its been funny because I have always been grateful and impressed for all the things she has done for me- but I think even MORE so now that I am about to become what she is. I know every girl says that when she is pregnant but my heavens to betsy- how in the WORLD am I going to be everything she has been, and teach my kids everything she has taught me?
Do you ever wonder how our mothers did it? How they taught us to do our homework but yet still have a social life, to be human but religious, to love everyone, to be patient, to be good to our family and friends. How they always knew what was wrong, or that something was wrong... how they loved our friends even when they really hated them...
I worry A LOT about having my moms understanding and her patience and her testimony, besides her brains, and her knowledge on how to clean ANYTHING.
I don't think my mom has had a good nights sleep since she had my older brother 26 years ago. Besides him being a baby, and then the REST of us being babies, there were the nights we were sick, or scared, or had sleepovers- even in high school I can think of loads of times that my mom would pull half nighters with me working on big projects and papers. She would send me to bed at 2 or 3, then stay up and edit my paper, then still be up at six to make me breakfast or help me finish my project. Maybe THAT'S where there is the stereotype that old people are always sleeping. They are making up for YEARS of four or five hours a night.
Everything I needed to know in life or about life? I learned it from my mom. She has been my inspiration in almost everything. I hope I am HALF the mom that my mom has been to me. Maybe then my kids will turn out ok :)

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