Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day Four: Your idea of a perfect Date

My idea of a perfect date when I was 16, and my idea of a perfect day NOW are pretty much the same. Either way- it will make you laugh.

Right now. If I was going to go on the most perfect date ever. I would have a lot of time before we are going to go out. So I would shower and put on something cute, but VERY comfortable. Like jeans and maybe a nicer sweater or sweatshirt. And then we would go out to eat, to one of two places:

1. Cafe Rio.

2. Olive Garden.

3. Maybe Fudruckers if I am in a burger mood.

4. Maybe Happy Sumo if we are having a glamorous night.

We would sit, and eat, and just take our time over our food, enjoying it, eating as much as we can. And then we would do an activity afterwards that would be one of three things:

1. Going to a movie

2. Going to a play

3. Renting an awesome movie and watching it at home.

(preferably one of the first two.) And it would have to be something I love- a good community play, or a comedy movie, or a movie with someone hot in it. And then for the after party:

1. Go somewhere for hot coco- sitting and talking

2. Zupas for fondu sitting and talking

3. Snacks at home, sitting and cuddling

For me, the date itself is not the big deal. It is who I am with. If I am with Adam, anything where we can just sit and talk and enjoy one another is the best. Some of my favorite nights with him have been where we just get Cafe Rio, bring it home, eat together while watching a show, and then having all of his boys come over for conversation and video games.

I LOVE doubling and getting Adam's hilarious friends to come along with us, and we can all just sit and laugh all night long. I don't even mind spending hours just sitting on a couch talking if I am comfortable, and the conversation and the company is good.

Now, one of the best dates i have EVER been one- was with my friend Jairus Robinson. It was our first date in fact, though we had been friends for MONTHS since we have been working together. He took me out after I got home from school. We went out to a Greek restaurant- my first time experiencing that cuisine and I LOVED it.

Then we went to a play at the Hale theatre that our mutual friend was in (called After Dark? Or something like that.) We got to go behind stage afterwards and meet the cast and see everything.

Then he drove me to Borders, we got drinks and PILES Of magazines, and sat and talked and drank and flipped through magazines until the store closed.

THAT is a perfect Sarah date.


  1. This is exactly what Kevin and I do all the time! When we were in Utah it was more fun - because of good, cheap restaurants and the dollar theater. And we ALWAYS ended up at Borders at the end of the night. It was perfect!

  2. you mean your fav date didn't involve getting lost downtown portland trying to find a play that ended up to be really weird with two guys that were actually really funny?

  3. HAHAHA! Oh my gosh becky- I TOTALLY FORGOT about that date! That was on the top ten. Any date with Riley Dean hits the top ten. Remember when he freaked out the night and made us roll up the windows and lock the doors because the black people down town freaked him out?! :) I miss Riley Dean.