Friday, December 24, 2010

Day Five: A picture of Somewhere you have Been To

A place I have been. Well... I have been to lots of places. What is the BEST place I have ever been? Hands down- the UK. Scotland, England... all of it. It was the best trip that I have ever taken in my life and despite the immense amount of debt that I went into to go on that study abroad... It was worth every minute. I would not trade that experience for anything in the whole world. It was the best thing I ever did for myself.

I went in April of 2007, started in Scotland,
and then with 20 or so other girls, hiked through the country side of England and ended in London for thirteen days, and then to Dover, ending around the end of June. It was a study abroad for BYU- we studied poetry and personal essay and had so much FUN it was crazy.

So the pictures from the first to the last? The 1st: me on the top of Ben Lomond, the most famous mountain in Scotland. Yes, the one with the song :) The 2nd is my kissing Stonehenge. You are
not suppose to actually be able to go up and touch the stones, but my professor made a deal that if we went a few hours for the site opened that we could walk among the stones. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had in my life and I HOPE and PRAY that my children will be able to experience so
mething of the like.

The 3rd, is me and my wonderful friend Mel kissing the ground outside of Shakespeare's house, which had been one of my life's
dreams since I was in like... sixth grade. (I did a lot of kissing of monuments and such when I was in England :)
The 4th is me in Bath, one of my most FAVORITE cities in the UK. Which is funny because I have heard that a lot of people think that it is a boring place to go but I LOVED it. I loved the Baths, I loved the town... the shopping... sitting outside a cafe and eating ice cream.
It was a good full sized town but so calm and just content with itself. I would love to go back for a week and buy flowers in the street and pretend that I was a local.

And the 5th picture is of Sisinghurst gardens (I am sure I spelled that
wrong). We went on a Sunday- its
one of the largest gardens in England and it is RIDICULOUSLY beautiful. We went after church- and my friends took a picture of me here looking "contemplative" in my London dress and Oxford sweatshirt :) I think I was actually day dreaming but either way.

Again- best trip ever. Please, PLEASE go to the UK. It is wonderful and beautiful. Adam and I decided that if
we ever really travel, as many places as there are that we want to go, the first places we really want to hit? Adam wants to take me to Albania and have me meet the people and see the places he saw, and I want him to go swimming on the coast of england with me and sit outside a Bath cafe and hike an English mountain :)

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