Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 3: A Picture of you and you Best Friend

That's all the prompt said for today- just a picture. Well- this is me and my best friend Becky Morgan whom I call Becky Diane. :-) This is an old picture- before the either one of us was married (June 2007). If I had had a picture of us from high school then I would have put that one in, but I haven't scanned high school pictures into my computer yet.

Becky and I met at church, when we were 12. She was WAY too cool to be friends with back then. We were nice and civil to one another, but I don't think we actually became friends until our Freshman year of high school when we realized we were both taking every advanced class possible, and we were the only ones who equally liked Shakespeare. And understood him :)

And we have been best friends since then and gotten closer every year. We call each other bosom friends after Anne of Green Gables (Becky has always been Diana and I am Anne. And it works because Becky really is kind of like Diana and her middle name is Diane.) Plus, it was also a great joke in high school because we both were probably the most well endowed in our class.

We have cheated on all of our homework together, taken naps together, waited on our boys on their missions together. We got married 7 months apart, and are now having kids three weeks apart. :) (Well our due dates are three weeks apart.) Becky is the best most wonderful person in the whole world- smart, sweet, hilarious, ridiculously good looking, a great dancer, with fabulous taste in clothes, TV, and music... She taught me how to be cute, she helped me to learn to bear loneliness, she raised my testimony about the importance of eternity and the temple. Our moms are best friends, our youngest siblings are best friends...

All in all, I am SOO grateful that I have her :)

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