Tuesday, December 28, 2010


If I get a chance I will edit this today and get to add pictures- if not I will add them on a different day. But I HAD to post something because I have to post something every day to the end of the month to get to 99 posts. (I know- I wanted a 100 but I realized I only did 99 last year which is why I gave myself the two days off.)

Christmas was wonderful this year! Christmas Eve was a little hard- I worked 8 hours that morning, so when I got home I was so tired and so sore and my legs were SO huge. I took a LONG bath, and then Adam came and cuddled me in bed for a while while I was sad about missing my family, then we went downstairs where Adams dad had made an AMAZING dinner of stir-fry rice chicken and shrimp.

During dinner we sat and talked about our favorite christmas's and gifts gotten and given. Then we watched a DiNero movie on TV. Adam wanted to stay up and watch TV in our room, but I am pretty sure I was asleep before 10 haha!

Christmas morning Adam woke me up- I figured around 7 or 8 because it seemed early. When I rolled over and asked him what time it was he said, "3:30." YEAH. I tried to go back to sleep but Adam kept me up until 5:30 talking my ear off. Then we heard his dad moving around downstairs so Adam sat on the top of his stairs and shouted, "Has Santa come yet?" His parents thought it was hilarious.

We were opening gifts by 6am, eating a wonderful breakfast of orange rolls and apple turnovers by 7am, then Adam hooked up his parents new Blue-ray player and we watched Inception (Most of us fell asleep.) We were napping by ten :)

And we spent the rest of the day eating and sleeping and playing games- it was SO relaxing and so VERY nice!!

It started to snow the afternoon of the 25th, and by the time we woke-up on the 26th, we were COMPLETELY snowed in. No work and no church for us! I am not going to lie- it was GREAT to have another day to just sit around and relax.

Adams older brother Ryan came into town that night around midnight (I didn't see him until the 27th) to watch the Arby's with his dad. (Some crazy all day long all week long basketball tournament). And since Adam and I didn't have to work on the 27th (yesterday) we all went out to lunch and then I went and ran a bazillion errands. But people were still holing up in their houses because of the snow so it was actually the perfect day to go. I got all my returns down, my banking done, my bills done for January, and my shopping done.

All in all, one of the best most relaxing weekend's ever! And now I have so much to look forward to with all kinds of sewing projects and dinner out, movies, pampering days thanks to the great gift cards we got as gifts! Hope you all had just as good a holiday as we did!

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