Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Tree Decorating

About a week or so ago, Adam and I both miraculously had a Friday night off. Doesn't happen often when you work retail, and these days BOTH of us getting the same night off is darn near impossible.

So, Adams mom thought it would be a GREAT time to decorate the tree! We agreed :) I put up a tiny little tree/bush in o
ur room to put all of our special ornaments on. Its been a tradition in my family that every year you get one ornament about something that happened that year, and Adam and I have continued that. Our first year we got an, out first Christmas together. Second Christmas we got a puppy ornament. Last year we got a graduation cap for me, and this year we got an ornament with Tennessee etched on it to mark our big move.

Still, it is nice to have a large family tree, so
we ordered in two pizzas for dinner and then started in on the decorating. Adam was a champ and did it for the first little while, but there really was not room for more than two people in the tree corner so he sat down and "let me take over" at the end. :) Truly, by the end of the night, Adam, his dad and I were all sitting on the couch while Adams mom filled the tree to bursting with ornaments but it turned out pretty nice.

I took some pictures of a few of my favorite ornaments on the big tree- I think I may have even used one on one of our Christmas ca
rds haha! Still, it was fun, and its always nice to see things a little more ready for the season.

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