Saturday, December 11, 2010

All of them Lie

As much as people tell me that it DOES NOT snow in Tennessee... I am starting to REALLY not trust any of them :) I have heard that snow in Tennessee is like snow in Oregon- an inch once a year, and everything gets cancelled.

Well, it snowed about an inch the other day, and work was not cancelled, church was not cancelled, and I am PRETTY sure everyone was still in school. Bahumbug.

However, it WAS very pretty, and I like seeing the snow. Its been getting VERY cold here at night and we wake-up to a lot of frost and such in the mornings, so it was pretty fun to be reminiscent of Utah and wake-up to a full white covering. However, I was VERY happy I didn't have to go tramping through it at all. Day off for me- whoo-hoo! Perfect timing.

The first picture is of Adams front yard, and the second is of the backyard. Can hardly tell that's a covered pool can you? :)

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