Sunday, December 19, 2010

30 Days AKA Day One

So... I really have been having a hard time finding things to blog about- sometimes I have a lot to say and sometimes I have NOTHING to say at all. As of lately.

So I found my friends blog, and she is doing this really fun thing where every day you write about a particular thing. This is to keep you going for 30 days. And when I was reading the prompts I realized they were mostly about you personally. And lets be honest- I love to talk about myself. True fact.

And, using prompts is important in writing so I am going to use my friends prompts for the next little while. (I will make breaks in-between when I have actual things to write and actual pictures to post.) Until then- enjoy!

Day One: 15 Interesting Things About You

(I am suppose to post a recent picture of myself but since I just did in a post or two before I am not going to do that right now. You have seen the most recent picture I have.)

1. When I was in high school, my friend Nikki and I (who gave me this idea) used to pretend we were gangster. I drove a crappy red Blazer and whenever My Band would come on by Eminem, even if it was in the middle of the night in the middle of the winter, we would roll down the windows to my car, put on sunglasses, blast the song, lean our seats back as far as they would go, and drive one handed while singing.

2. I used to windsurf. I haven't in a long time because its spendy but I LOVE it and I really hope to take Adam some day because the kid is not only strong but mega balanced. I think he would love it. And surfing.

3. I am the only brown curly haired kid in my family. Out of five kids. Sometimes I like being blond so I can match my sisters.

4. I like to horseback ride. When I learned how the ranchers made us learn how to brush and saddle the horses first. I used to LOVE picking horse shoes. Which people usually hate. I STILL love it. Weird. Have no idea why.

5. I have a level 60 night elf druid tank on World of Warcraft. And I am not embarrassed.

6. I have a shutterfly account for each email address I have. Um... more discounts. Is that SUPER dishonest? I might not want to know...

7. I work at a formal dress shop and when I hang-out with these 18 year old girls I forget that I am not 18. I actually truly think I am back in high school until someone says, "Wait, who is Audrey Hepburn?" Or "Sabrina? What's that?" And then I feel ANCIENT.

8. I have had six stitches once in college. My first time to the emergency room. And it was my fault. I accidentally stabbed my hand while trying to pry apart frozen hamburger patties. Awesome.

9. If I wasn't Mormon I think I might want to be Jewish. I know- SUPER weird but I also think that are kind of super cool. And really good looking. (People think Adam is Jewish ALL the time. :)

10. I used to be DESPERATELY shy as a kid. No joke.

11. In preschool I got so mad at a kid for taking the tricycle I wanted to ride at recess that I bit him on the back of the neck on drew blood. They sent me home for the day.

12. I didn't read Hamlet until my senior year of college. And I used to read Shakespeare for fun in high school. Sad day huh?

13. Unlike most people's first kiss ever- mine was AWESOME. Assertive, surprising, and not awful or awkward in any way. Lucky me I guess.

14. I make sure I am up my nine every morning, not to get up and be productive, but so I wont miss What I Like About You with Amanda Bynes on NBC. And on Saturday I get up at nine to watch The Nanny.

15. Its 11:50 at night and my HUSBAND is making me get off the computer to go to bed. I think this may be a very first...

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