Saturday, December 4, 2010

24 Weeks, Six Months and Ready to be Done

Oh 24 weeks... gotta love it! I sent my sisters these pictures and true to form Carolyn said... "You actually look pregnant now, and not fat!" Thank you, very much. :) (I better look pregnant by 6 months! Took me long enough.) I'm still pretty small though compared to most other girls.

Everything is great, babies heartbeat is still at 150- fast but healthy. No way this little man got that from MY side of the family :) Doctor said I am gaining weight at the right pace, that everything is looking good, so I guess I don't have to feel bad about my tire. (Especially since I am guessing that this kid will NEVER have one :)

I got my glucose test done- it didn't taste as bad as everyone says. I had some fruit punch flavored thing? It tasted like melted Otter Pops. Adam laughed though cuz when I got home we were making lunch and he asked what I wanted and I said... "How about some soup? I had A LOT of sugar this morning." :)

Logan's kicking like crazy- loves to kick low when I am walking which makes me need to pee LOADS. Gotta love that. And he loves to chill near my right hip bone. No belly button popping yet though. Still an innie.

Anyways- I won't bore you with more baby stuff. :) Were happy and healthy and that's what's really important. (That and the fact that I am counting down and down- ready for this boy to COME OUT!)


  1. You look amazing! Very cute. All I have to say is your boobs are huge!!

  2. haha your boobs are huge like mine. dont you hate it. if they were normal size I think i wouldn't hate being pregnant so much. it is so funny how different our pregnancies are. I look like im 8 months pregnant already when im only starting my 7th month. thats what i get for being short and tinny, no room for mr man to grow, but out. my belly button is almost out. i love that we are pregnant together. now we can call and ask all kinds of crazy questions after they're born before we call the doc. love you tons sexy.