Friday, December 31, 2010

Day Seven: Someone or Something That Has Made the Biggest Impact on Me

Before I start this post- I DID add pictures to the last one. So re-read! I added to it. I meant to before it posted but I had a hard time getting to Adams picture. I'm sorry- its annoying that I have to wait for a time when Adam doesn't need the computer and to get on and download my pictures and post them. Takes forever :)

Someone or something who has made the biggest impact on me? Easy. My mom.
My mom and I have been best friends, easy since I was 12 or so. She has always been the most important person to me in the world. Maybe its the fact that we are so different or so the same that makes us so close, but I remember telling Adam that one of the only reasons I knew he was right to marry was because he was the only person on earth I could imagine giving up my mom for if needed.
Its been funny because I have always been grateful and impressed for all the things she has done for me- but I think even MORE so now that I am about to become what she is. I know every girl says that when she is pregnant but my heavens to betsy- how in the WORLD am I going to be everything she has been, and teach my kids everything she has taught me?
Do you ever wonder how our mothers did it? How they taught us to do our homework but yet still have a social life, to be human but religious, to love everyone, to be patient, to be good to our family and friends. How they always knew what was wrong, or that something was wrong... how they loved our friends even when they really hated them...
I worry A LOT about having my moms understanding and her patience and her testimony, besides her brains, and her knowledge on how to clean ANYTHING.
I don't think my mom has had a good nights sleep since she had my older brother 26 years ago. Besides him being a baby, and then the REST of us being babies, there were the nights we were sick, or scared, or had sleepovers- even in high school I can think of loads of times that my mom would pull half nighters with me working on big projects and papers. She would send me to bed at 2 or 3, then stay up and edit my paper, then still be up at six to make me breakfast or help me finish my project. Maybe THAT'S where there is the stereotype that old people are always sleeping. They are making up for YEARS of four or five hours a night.
Everything I needed to know in life or about life? I learned it from my mom. She has been my inspiration in almost everything. I hope I am HALF the mom that my mom has been to me. Maybe then my kids will turn out ok :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day Six: A Picture That Shows Your True Self

Yes, we are back to this now that I have given out updates :) This has been fun for me to do so I think I am going to continue it even in January.

This one was hard for me. There are so many sides to my "true" self that how can I find ONE picture? I mean really. Whoever can show their real self in photo is a sad being indeed. The point of being true to who you are is admitting and loving every part of you.

So, even though it is going to make this post A LOT longer, I have a series of photos of me that I feel really just say- hey, THIS is Sarah.
This is when I finished climbing one of the hardest mountains in England, and getting down on the other side. I really don't have a skinny dipping picture because that would be awkward so this is the best I did :) Showing me getting soaking wet in any body of water that I can. Skinny dipping is part of who I am.
This is how I feel when I am conquering. Myself, or something else that was hard. This was how I used to imagine myself when I was younger and I overcame something. It was amazing to actually experience it- holding tightly against a strong blowing wind. Feeling triumphant, feeling as if I have overcome something hard for ME- that is me.
Yeah- this should be self explanatory :) Before I even got on the PLANE to England, I was sitting down in a coffee shop with a magazine and journaling away. I think more than writing, journaling is a part of who I am. I have been writing in journals since I was six.
This picture is suppose to show the romantic side of myself. Because I am a hopeless romantic and having a real romance in my life has been the best thing ever.
Prego me :) Because part of who I truly am- is mother bear. My three biggest dreams? Get married (aka have a romance) have kids (aka be a mom) and write a book. I am so nervous, but so VERY excited about being a mom. That is part of the true me.
Yeah, this is me :) The true me that at 20 (and 25 :) still LOVES to play, and dress-up, and be ridiculous and goofy. (me and my room-mates after we played dress-up made a blanket tent. It was awesome.) Plus, I love dressing up for real life. I don't do it often, but when I have a reason to get all shaved, and make-uped, and dressed up- I really ENJOY doing it. When I have the time.
Yes, skinny me I feel is the true me. Because, truly, when I was a kid, I used to dream of myself as older, always thin, and always with a Farah Fawcett hairstyle... I probably wont do the hairstyle, but I never felt SO ME as when I was fit and thin, and I knew I had worked for it. I dont regret my heavy days- I learned a lot from it- but the true me I do believe is a size six.
The running me. I have HATED running all my entire life and getting thin made me learn to LOVE it. I guess this was conquering things as well- but I am SO excited to have this baby and RUN again! Maybe with him in a cute jogger stroller. And to jog with Adam cuz HE loves it. Funny- that something I used to hate really brought me closer to myself and the others in my life.
The contemplative me. That is why I love this picture. Once when I was single I was lying me bed staring at the top of the bunk bed and my room-mate came over and tapped me to make sure I was ok. I sit and day dream A LOT. Even when I am not just sitting- I am usually day dreaming or thinking about something. The contemplative me is a big part of who I truly am.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Forgotten Update of GREAT Things

I forgot to mention yesterday a couple of GREAT things that happened for us right before Christmas!

1. Adam got another med school interview! He's heading to Memphis on the 18th of January (well, the interview is the 18th, so he'll head out the day before). I have to work so this will be the longest we have been apart since Adam got home from his mission. Sad day, but I am so happy for him and we are so excited! MD schools have been SUPER hard for us to break into so this is a wonderful gifts for us.

2. All the research that Adam did in his O-chem lab while he was in college in getting published!! An article is going to come out in some science magazine in January. Very excited to see Adam's name in print with some SUPER smart stuff :) Plus, it'll look good on ANY application for ANYTHING.

So yay for us and SUPER YAY for Adam, and all the amazing hard work he has put into life and his career, and for all the patience and hope he has had. He amazes me all the time. I am a lucky gal.

And so much thanks to our Heavenly Father for all of the blessings- the opportunities and best of all the renewed faith and hope that we are on the right track. It was the best Christmas gift we got this year, and def needed.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


If I get a chance I will edit this today and get to add pictures- if not I will add them on a different day. But I HAD to post something because I have to post something every day to the end of the month to get to 99 posts. (I know- I wanted a 100 but I realized I only did 99 last year which is why I gave myself the two days off.)

Christmas was wonderful this year! Christmas Eve was a little hard- I worked 8 hours that morning, so when I got home I was so tired and so sore and my legs were SO huge. I took a LONG bath, and then Adam came and cuddled me in bed for a while while I was sad about missing my family, then we went downstairs where Adams dad had made an AMAZING dinner of stir-fry rice chicken and shrimp.

During dinner we sat and talked about our favorite christmas's and gifts gotten and given. Then we watched a DiNero movie on TV. Adam wanted to stay up and watch TV in our room, but I am pretty sure I was asleep before 10 haha!

Christmas morning Adam woke me up- I figured around 7 or 8 because it seemed early. When I rolled over and asked him what time it was he said, "3:30." YEAH. I tried to go back to sleep but Adam kept me up until 5:30 talking my ear off. Then we heard his dad moving around downstairs so Adam sat on the top of his stairs and shouted, "Has Santa come yet?" His parents thought it was hilarious.

We were opening gifts by 6am, eating a wonderful breakfast of orange rolls and apple turnovers by 7am, then Adam hooked up his parents new Blue-ray player and we watched Inception (Most of us fell asleep.) We were napping by ten :)

And we spent the rest of the day eating and sleeping and playing games- it was SO relaxing and so VERY nice!!

It started to snow the afternoon of the 25th, and by the time we woke-up on the 26th, we were COMPLETELY snowed in. No work and no church for us! I am not going to lie- it was GREAT to have another day to just sit around and relax.

Adams older brother Ryan came into town that night around midnight (I didn't see him until the 27th) to watch the Arby's with his dad. (Some crazy all day long all week long basketball tournament). And since Adam and I didn't have to work on the 27th (yesterday) we all went out to lunch and then I went and ran a bazillion errands. But people were still holing up in their houses because of the snow so it was actually the perfect day to go. I got all my returns down, my banking done, my bills done for January, and my shopping done.

All in all, one of the best most relaxing weekend's ever! And now I have so much to look forward to with all kinds of sewing projects and dinner out, movies, pampering days thanks to the great gift cards we got as gifts! Hope you all had just as good a holiday as we did!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Day Five: A picture of Somewhere you have Been To

A place I have been. Well... I have been to lots of places. What is the BEST place I have ever been? Hands down- the UK. Scotland, England... all of it. It was the best trip that I have ever taken in my life and despite the immense amount of debt that I went into to go on that study abroad... It was worth every minute. I would not trade that experience for anything in the whole world. It was the best thing I ever did for myself.

I went in April of 2007, started in Scotland,
and then with 20 or so other girls, hiked through the country side of England and ended in London for thirteen days, and then to Dover, ending around the end of June. It was a study abroad for BYU- we studied poetry and personal essay and had so much FUN it was crazy.

So the pictures from the first to the last? The 1st: me on the top of Ben Lomond, the most famous mountain in Scotland. Yes, the one with the song :) The 2nd is my kissing Stonehenge. You are
not suppose to actually be able to go up and touch the stones, but my professor made a deal that if we went a few hours for the site opened that we could walk among the stones. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had in my life and I HOPE and PRAY that my children will be able to experience so
mething of the like.

The 3rd, is me and my wonderful friend Mel kissing the ground outside of Shakespeare's house, which had been one of my life's
dreams since I was in like... sixth grade. (I did a lot of kissing of monuments and such when I was in England :)
The 4th is me in Bath, one of my most FAVORITE cities in the UK. Which is funny because I have heard that a lot of people think that it is a boring place to go but I LOVED it. I loved the Baths, I loved the town... the shopping... sitting outside a cafe and eating ice cream.
It was a good full sized town but so calm and just content with itself. I would love to go back for a week and buy flowers in the street and pretend that I was a local.

And the 5th picture is of Sisinghurst gardens (I am sure I spelled that
wrong). We went on a Sunday- its
one of the largest gardens in England and it is RIDICULOUSLY beautiful. We went after church- and my friends took a picture of me here looking "contemplative" in my London dress and Oxford sweatshirt :) I think I was actually day dreaming but either way.

Again- best trip ever. Please, PLEASE go to the UK. It is wonderful and beautiful. Adam and I decided that if
we ever really travel, as many places as there are that we want to go, the first places we really want to hit? Adam wants to take me to Albania and have me meet the people and see the places he saw, and I want him to go swimming on the coast of england with me and sit outside a Bath cafe and hike an English mountain :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day Four: Your idea of a perfect Date

My idea of a perfect date when I was 16, and my idea of a perfect day NOW are pretty much the same. Either way- it will make you laugh.

Right now. If I was going to go on the most perfect date ever. I would have a lot of time before we are going to go out. So I would shower and put on something cute, but VERY comfortable. Like jeans and maybe a nicer sweater or sweatshirt. And then we would go out to eat, to one of two places:

1. Cafe Rio.

2. Olive Garden.

3. Maybe Fudruckers if I am in a burger mood.

4. Maybe Happy Sumo if we are having a glamorous night.

We would sit, and eat, and just take our time over our food, enjoying it, eating as much as we can. And then we would do an activity afterwards that would be one of three things:

1. Going to a movie

2. Going to a play

3. Renting an awesome movie and watching it at home.

(preferably one of the first two.) And it would have to be something I love- a good community play, or a comedy movie, or a movie with someone hot in it. And then for the after party:

1. Go somewhere for hot coco- sitting and talking

2. Zupas for fondu sitting and talking

3. Snacks at home, sitting and cuddling

For me, the date itself is not the big deal. It is who I am with. If I am with Adam, anything where we can just sit and talk and enjoy one another is the best. Some of my favorite nights with him have been where we just get Cafe Rio, bring it home, eat together while watching a show, and then having all of his boys come over for conversation and video games.

I LOVE doubling and getting Adam's hilarious friends to come along with us, and we can all just sit and laugh all night long. I don't even mind spending hours just sitting on a couch talking if I am comfortable, and the conversation and the company is good.

Now, one of the best dates i have EVER been one- was with my friend Jairus Robinson. It was our first date in fact, though we had been friends for MONTHS since we have been working together. He took me out after I got home from school. We went out to a Greek restaurant- my first time experiencing that cuisine and I LOVED it.

Then we went to a play at the Hale theatre that our mutual friend was in (called After Dark? Or something like that.) We got to go behind stage afterwards and meet the cast and see everything.

Then he drove me to Borders, we got drinks and PILES Of magazines, and sat and talked and drank and flipped through magazines until the store closed.

THAT is a perfect Sarah date.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Baby Shower Invitation

My mother in law and I have been planning my baby shower for the past little while, and we just finished making all the invitations and sending them all out. (Well, we're also in process of giving them out right now :) We wanted to make the cards on shutterfly and send them out, but with everything else we ended up wanting to do, we didn't want to break a budget so we just hand made them.

The hand made cards turned out way cute, but I didn't want to take the time to scan them and then upload the pictures, so I thought I would just post from Shutterfly the card that we were GOING to use. All the information is the same. And I am posting it today because today is exactly a MONTH before the shower, which is when you are suppose to send out invitations for a baby shower. (According to the internet.)

Bright Burst Baby Shower Invitation
Create your own custom shower invitations at Shutterfly.
View the entire collection of cards.

Anyways- I hope you enjoy!! If you have want a real card just comment or email me your address! (I know most of you aren't in Tennessee and can't come, and I don't expect you to so don't worry. I just know some people are sentimental and like the kind of stuff anyways. I am one of those kind of people who likes to get cards and invites even if I'm not around. :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 3: A Picture of you and you Best Friend

That's all the prompt said for today- just a picture. Well- this is me and my best friend Becky Morgan whom I call Becky Diane. :-) This is an old picture- before the either one of us was married (June 2007). If I had had a picture of us from high school then I would have put that one in, but I haven't scanned high school pictures into my computer yet.

Becky and I met at church, when we were 12. She was WAY too cool to be friends with back then. We were nice and civil to one another, but I don't think we actually became friends until our Freshman year of high school when we realized we were both taking every advanced class possible, and we were the only ones who equally liked Shakespeare. And understood him :)

And we have been best friends since then and gotten closer every year. We call each other bosom friends after Anne of Green Gables (Becky has always been Diana and I am Anne. And it works because Becky really is kind of like Diana and her middle name is Diane.) Plus, it was also a great joke in high school because we both were probably the most well endowed in our class.

We have cheated on all of our homework together, taken naps together, waited on our boys on their missions together. We got married 7 months apart, and are now having kids three weeks apart. :) (Well our due dates are three weeks apart.) Becky is the best most wonderful person in the whole world- smart, sweet, hilarious, ridiculously good looking, a great dancer, with fabulous taste in clothes, TV, and music... She taught me how to be cute, she helped me to learn to bear loneliness, she raised my testimony about the importance of eternity and the temple. Our moms are best friends, our youngest siblings are best friends...

All in all, I am SOO grateful that I have her :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 2: A good memory

I have LOADS of good memories, covering every gambit of emotion, but there is one that I have been thinking a lot about lately, and it is NOT sappy, and it is also VERY funny so I thought it would be a good one to share.

Adam and I had known each other for so long before we got married that there really were NO surprises. The only one that I can think of on a grand scale is that I had NO idea that Adam talked in his sleep. And he does. A LOT. You think one of his mission buddies would have told me this... but maybe they never noticed seeing as they never shared a bed.

The other night I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back to bed Adam turns to me and says, "Did you get him?"

(Me) "What?"

"Did you get him?"

"Sweetheart... your sleeping."

Adam makes a noise of HUGE impatience. "I'm not sleeping, YOU are."

:) Yeah. His waking me up by talking has never actually bugged me like I am sure it would most wives. I think it would more if he wasn't so RIDICULOUS hilarious in his sleep. And adorable.

So the memory.

About a year after we had been married, its the middle of the night and I wake-up to Adam FURIOUSLY slapping at my thighs. This is not a gentle pat. Adam is using all of his strength to really pound his hands on my legs. So I wake him up because well.... it hurt. And when he is cognizant enough to realize where he is I go. "WHY are you hitting me?!"

Adam pauses then says, "Well... you were covered in spiders. I was getting them off of you. I was saving you."

Love my adorable husband and his hilarious dreams. And I am so glad that despite the fact that he HATES spiders, that even in his sleep he would try to save me from them.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

30 Days AKA Day One

So... I really have been having a hard time finding things to blog about- sometimes I have a lot to say and sometimes I have NOTHING to say at all. As of lately.

So I found my friends blog, and she is doing this really fun thing where every day you write about a particular thing. This is to keep you going for 30 days. And when I was reading the prompts I realized they were mostly about you personally. And lets be honest- I love to talk about myself. True fact.

And, using prompts is important in writing so I am going to use my friends prompts for the next little while. (I will make breaks in-between when I have actual things to write and actual pictures to post.) Until then- enjoy!

Day One: 15 Interesting Things About You

(I am suppose to post a recent picture of myself but since I just did in a post or two before I am not going to do that right now. You have seen the most recent picture I have.)

1. When I was in high school, my friend Nikki and I (who gave me this idea) used to pretend we were gangster. I drove a crappy red Blazer and whenever My Band would come on by Eminem, even if it was in the middle of the night in the middle of the winter, we would roll down the windows to my car, put on sunglasses, blast the song, lean our seats back as far as they would go, and drive one handed while singing.

2. I used to windsurf. I haven't in a long time because its spendy but I LOVE it and I really hope to take Adam some day because the kid is not only strong but mega balanced. I think he would love it. And surfing.

3. I am the only brown curly haired kid in my family. Out of five kids. Sometimes I like being blond so I can match my sisters.

4. I like to horseback ride. When I learned how the ranchers made us learn how to brush and saddle the horses first. I used to LOVE picking horse shoes. Which people usually hate. I STILL love it. Weird. Have no idea why.

5. I have a level 60 night elf druid tank on World of Warcraft. And I am not embarrassed.

6. I have a shutterfly account for each email address I have. Um... more discounts. Is that SUPER dishonest? I might not want to know...

7. I work at a formal dress shop and when I hang-out with these 18 year old girls I forget that I am not 18. I actually truly think I am back in high school until someone says, "Wait, who is Audrey Hepburn?" Or "Sabrina? What's that?" And then I feel ANCIENT.

8. I have had six stitches once in college. My first time to the emergency room. And it was my fault. I accidentally stabbed my hand while trying to pry apart frozen hamburger patties. Awesome.

9. If I wasn't Mormon I think I might want to be Jewish. I know- SUPER weird but I also think that are kind of super cool. And really good looking. (People think Adam is Jewish ALL the time. :)

10. I used to be DESPERATELY shy as a kid. No joke.

11. In preschool I got so mad at a kid for taking the tricycle I wanted to ride at recess that I bit him on the back of the neck on drew blood. They sent me home for the day.

12. I didn't read Hamlet until my senior year of college. And I used to read Shakespeare for fun in high school. Sad day huh?

13. Unlike most people's first kiss ever- mine was AWESOME. Assertive, surprising, and not awful or awkward in any way. Lucky me I guess.

14. I make sure I am up my nine every morning, not to get up and be productive, but so I wont miss What I Like About You with Amanda Bynes on NBC. And on Saturday I get up at nine to watch The Nanny.

15. Its 11:50 at night and my HUSBAND is making me get off the computer to go to bed. I think this may be a very first...

Saturday, December 18, 2010


So, I know this is late in coming but I just recently watched the new Twilight movie Eclipse. Adam hates seeing Harry Potter and Twilight in full price theaters and unfortunately, they do not have a dollar theatre in Johnson City so I wait for things to come out on Netflicks. Not too bad once people are don't talking about them after the first week they are out. But here are my late in coming impressions.

1. Edward's acting skills have gone up. I still dislike him, but I like him MUCH more with each movie, and I am impressed with his growth.

2. I actually kind of like their interpretation of Edward not wanting to be with Bella as an act of jealous. I thought I would hate it, but it works for me,

3. I still hate Bella with an EXTREME passion. The woman CANNOT ACT. Worth beans. She sucks. I know a handful of girls who have done nothing in film that would do better than her. (Joni Newman- I want to cast you as Bella. I think you would be EXCELLENT. I think your wit would add a lot.)

4. I didn't like Jacob as much. Don't get me wrong- I still like him, and yes I think he is SUPER HOT. So sue me. But... I miss a little of his- fun loving carefreeness in this movie. Maybe played a little too intense. (And Bella does NOT help. She makes their romance AWFUL to watch.)

5. Did Rosalie suddenly get hot? I never liked her but I had a hard time taking my EYES from her when she was on scene. Something about her face- hair- make-up. She has a very individual look- but she stole the screen. Loved it.

6. Loved that they really stayed true to her and Jaspers story. So good. That's my favorite part of the last two books is really getting to know those two and I think they really focused on them a lot in the movie. Or just enough. Either way I liked it.

7. The "sex" talk between Charlie and Bella- SUPER awkwardly done. It is an awkward moment- but one we should be LAUGHING at as we remember OUR talks with OUR parents. Not cringing. I think it was badly handled.

8. I still like Charlie. I like his attitude around Edward. I think he is a perfect casting and I love him. He cracks me up. Even Adam likes him a lot.

All in all- I think it was better done than the first two. I think it had a lot of potential to be even better, seeing as the second movie was such a vast improvement from the first and this one was not as vast an improvement as the second one was. I like that Edward is growing on me, especially since I like him a lot in Harry Potter. I like that he is improving. I am glad that I saw the movie, I am also glad I did not waste 8 dollars to see it in Theaters. It would have been worth the 2 dollars for a dollar theatre. I also still hold the opinion that though the Twilight movies are worth watching, none of them are actually worth owning.

I am also SUPER interested to see how they are going to handle this last movie. Bella better step it up and be a good vampire or she is going to end up at the top of my enemies list.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Three Year, Pregnancy, and Christmas Pictures!!

My mom has the coolest thing in her house. For almost every year she and my dad have been married-0r at least every year that they have had a kid, they have taken a family picture. And then my mom has lined them all up in order in one long row down one long hallway in our house so you can see how our family has progressed every year. Its pretty fun to be honest, though I am truly embarrassed about my pictures from the age of like... ten to 15. 16 was okay :)
Anyways, Adam and I have tried to do the same thing ever since. We have our wedding photo, and then every year around our anniversary we try to take a picture. It has worked out pretty well, especially since those pictures transfer perfectly to Christmas cards, being near that same time of year.
Last year we waited until the day before Christmas to get them done because the longer we waited the thinner I would be :) We did the OPPOSITE this year, and waited longer so I could be OBVIOUSLY pregnant in the pictures :) That way I could put at the end of the card (this shows you what an INSANE planned I am) Love, Adam, Sarah, and the soon to be Logan Moeck
:) Fun right?
Well, time ran out on us, and schedules ran short so finally a few nights ago we dressed up and Adams dad snapped a few pictures of us. We had a hard time finding lighting that worked right or looked good, so the pictures didn't turn out as great as I had hopped, but I did some editing on my awesome mac, and then I took a few prego pics from the side (hello 25 weeks right?) and I cant be upset because at least we got a FEW that turned out okay. Well enough for some online book making and for a Christmas card. Plus, we are SUPER grateful for Adams dad who took the time to snap a few of these for us, so no complaints here.
Anyways, these are the best we got so enjoy!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

99 and Counting Down

I have 99 days left of Pregnancy.

I am sure you veterans are thinking- oh just wait- there is so much more to come.

I am sure there is because my belly has still yet to exceed the expanse of my chest. (Which my mothers and sisters think is HILARIOUS. My sister got the biggest kick out of me having to special order a bra because not only do people not carry a 36F, they do not MAKE it.)

But still. I remember when Adam hit the 99 days left mark. It feels more momentous than the 100 days because you are REALLY counting down. It was like hitting the day after hump day (the exact middle of Adam's mission) all over again.

99 days? They are going to go so fast. I know it. Because the rest of my pregnancy has gone so fast.

I am so excited to be done. I am so excited to meet my little man. I am so excited to fit in skinny jeans. I am so excited to go out and get all the baby things we still need. I am so excited to stay at home. I am so excited to play with him. I am so excited to give him a bath. I am so exited to watch Adam talk to him like he is 25 years old, and not 25 minutes old.

I am so nervous about the expense. I am so nervous that I am going to trip and fall with him in my arms. I am so nervous that sometimes I will hate him for crying so much. I am so nervous I will mess him up, not know how to handle him, or just over all be a horrible terrible mom.

Ah, the juxtaposition of life. I am sure it never ends. Either way- its a happy, nervous countdown.

I told my mom the day I went to pick Adam up from the airport and see him for the first time since he left for his mission that I was so nervous, and so excited that I was sure I was going to throw-up all over his shoes. (I didn't by the way. Though I didn't really say much either. Adam says to this day he is surprised he didn't kiss me right there in baggage claim.)

I am so excited and so nervous to meet Logan that I can PROMISE you, that even if I don't throw up, I will do something equally gross and hilarious :) (Like pooing on a doctors table perhaps? :) And I can promise you as well that BOTH Adam and I will kiss him right there in the hospital room.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Tree Decorating

About a week or so ago, Adam and I both miraculously had a Friday night off. Doesn't happen often when you work retail, and these days BOTH of us getting the same night off is darn near impossible.

So, Adams mom thought it would be a GREAT time to decorate the tree! We agreed :) I put up a tiny little tree/bush in o
ur room to put all of our special ornaments on. Its been a tradition in my family that every year you get one ornament about something that happened that year, and Adam and I have continued that. Our first year we got an, out first Christmas together. Second Christmas we got a puppy ornament. Last year we got a graduation cap for me, and this year we got an ornament with Tennessee etched on it to mark our big move.

Still, it is nice to have a large family tree, so
we ordered in two pizzas for dinner and then started in on the decorating. Adam was a champ and did it for the first little while, but there really was not room for more than two people in the tree corner so he sat down and "let me take over" at the end. :) Truly, by the end of the night, Adam, his dad and I were all sitting on the couch while Adams mom filled the tree to bursting with ornaments but it turned out pretty nice.

I took some pictures of a few of my favorite ornaments on the big tree- I think I may have even used one on one of our Christmas ca
rds haha! Still, it was fun, and its always nice to see things a little more ready for the season.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Card

Adam and I made our Christmas cards on Shutterfly this year because I had SO many coupons to it. I usually make them at Wal Mart but I have fallen in LOVE with Shutterfly and all the different projects, and how nice everything prints! We made like... five or six different cards, and this is one of them. I posted it because Shutterfly said that if I "shared my project" they would give me another coupon :) And we all know how much I LOVE the Shutterfly coupons.

Snowman With Style Christmas
Shop Shutterfly for beautiful photo Christmas cards.
View the entire collection of cards.

Thank you Shutterfly and Merry Christmas to everyone!
PS- if you WANT one of our cards, just post your address :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

New Blog

I used to have a blog where I would post all the things I was writing, but I realized that I never EVER posted on it. I seem to go through phases where I write, or sew, or paint, or make books on line... the thing is, I like to do LOTS of creative things and I wanted a place besides this blog to be able to post all of them besides JUST crafts, or JUST my writing.

So, I started a new blog! I erased my writing blog, and titled this new one the Imagination Station. I am going to try to post twice a week, and put all the things that I am working on. Sewing, writing, everything. So, I posted a like to it to the side of THIS blog, with all my craft ideas and such on it. So go and check it out! Then you can see all the writing and sewing and other crafts that I am working on.

The address is

See it and I hope you love it! I have already posted a few things so make sure to look through them all! (As much as I love all of YOUR creative spaces.)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Top Ten

I haven't done THIS in a while either and I thought it would be a great time, and a good fun time of year, to do it in!

1. Shutterfly. I always do my on-line books and cards and such from Wal Mart because they are still good quality, and they are so cheap, but I have gotten A LOT of discounts to shutterfly lately and I LOVE the stuff that I have gotten from them!

2. Peanut butter cookies. I made a TON of Christmas cookies, (as I do every year) for friends and family and co-workers, and forgot until I made them how AMAZING peanut butter cookies really are. Now I need to go make Snickerdoodles...

3. AWESOME doctors. My doctors office has seven practicing doctors in it and I see all of them. And I love them. My favorite is a guy named Courtney but either way- so happy to love my doctors.

4. COMMUNITY!! Try it- love it. You wont go back. Its AWESOME.

5. Harry Potter. I finished re-reading the seventh a while back (I had to re-read them all BEFORE I saw the movie, which I still haven't done) but while I was re-reading the seventh I was overcome with how AMAZING these books are. I had totally forgotten.

6. Mineral powder cover-up. One of my good girl friends is a Mary Kay consultant and she made me try some... I don't think I will EVER be able to go to any other kind of cover-up. I LOVE IT.

7. Pants that don't shrink in the washer and dryer. Any clothes that don't shrink in washer or dryer.

8. Being able to sew, and just as good as that, free downloadable patterns on-line. I couldn't find a SINGLE long skirt anywhere and needed it so I didn't have to shave, so I downloaded patterns and made two. AND I LOVE THEM. (Go to my craft blog to check them out :) I'll be posting about them soon.)

9. Space heaters. I get to hot too fast, so Adam and I turned off ALL heat upstairs, and we use a space heater to keep our room warm. It works PERFECT.

10. Soda. Yell at me all you want. My boos does- she thinks carbonation is bad for prego women but I dont care. My doctor says I am healthy. And I LOVE carbonation.

Happy December!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

All of them Lie

As much as people tell me that it DOES NOT snow in Tennessee... I am starting to REALLY not trust any of them :) I have heard that snow in Tennessee is like snow in Oregon- an inch once a year, and everything gets cancelled.

Well, it snowed about an inch the other day, and work was not cancelled, church was not cancelled, and I am PRETTY sure everyone was still in school. Bahumbug.

However, it WAS very pretty, and I like seeing the snow. Its been getting VERY cold here at night and we wake-up to a lot of frost and such in the mornings, so it was pretty fun to be reminiscent of Utah and wake-up to a full white covering. However, I was VERY happy I didn't have to go tramping through it at all. Day off for me- whoo-hoo! Perfect timing.

The first picture is of Adams front yard, and the second is of the backyard. Can hardly tell that's a covered pool can you? :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Our December Update

There REALLY isn't anything new going on in our lives, but I figured it has been a LONG time since I have done this, so since I have so many posts to write anyways, might as well use one to write about what we are doing right now. In a list. Because I love the lists :)

1. Adam is working at Best Buy supposedly part time, but they have been scheduling him for 41 hour weeks... a GREAT thing because we can use the money, and he really likes the job. He enjoys his co-workers and his bosses, and the people and all the electronics... So yay for that.

2. I am still working at the mall- at Motherhood Maternity and a formal dress shop called Princess Diaries. Its retail but it hasn't been so bad because they are both such SPECIFIC stores that we get JUST enough traffic without me wanting to hurt myself :) I get a good amount of hours each week as well... especially now during the holidays. So we are slowly saving our minimum wage... wages.

3. Christmas tree has gone up, christmas pictures have been taken, cards have been ordered, I even have Christmas presents wrapped! We only need a few more until all of our shopping is done. I have made cookies for our neighbors and am bagging them today... it is the Christmas season and I am ready to lay back and have FUN!

4. Baby is doing great as far as I know. I start going to the doctors twice a month in January- weird that the time is going so fast. He is kicking up a storm which sometimes is way fun, and sometimes SUPER annoying. Always makes Adam smile though. But he is growing cuz I am growing so we are all happy here.

5. When Adam is not working, he is helping me around the house (like cleaning the bathroom because the chemical smell is WAY to strong for me right now) or he is playing the new WOW expansion. I gotta admit- it looks SO good it makes me want to play again.

6. When I am not working I am usually reading or doing SOMETHING crafty/ creative. Whether is writing, or sewing, or painting... LOTS of sewing going on up in here. And I LOVE it.

7. We are ALSO enjoying our favorite new show. Watching it over and over like we seem to do with all of our favorite shows- COMMUNITY! In love right here.

8. I am also hanging out more with the girls in the area- on my day off Monday I went up to my friend Leanns house and we sewed and watched girly movies all afternoon. It was AWESOME.

Otherwise- I cant think of anything else we are doing. Sewing, sleeping, working, playing, enjoying christmas... all lots of fun!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Not Exactly Raking...

Tennessee has wonderful things to offer in the fall. The greatest of which is that it seems to be a combination of Utah and Oregon. It is MUCH wetter than Utah, so I don't get dry face and bloody noses.

However, Tennessee is MUCH dryer than Oregon. Meaning I get the crunchy leaves I love rather than soggy... oatmeal like leaves.

What cracks me up about this fact is that people in Tennessee do something with leaves I have never seen. They blow them, with a blower, instead of raking them up. No more hours of back breaking work. (Okay, it is a lot of work, but it is much easier than raking Oregon slog, lets face it.)
Since moving here the leaf blowing has been Adams job and one day when I was leaving for work he was blowing the leaves to the street for the... natural garbage man? And the leaf piles were SO HIGH it really just made me laugh. So I snapped a few pictures for you viewing pleasure. :)

Enjoy! (It was very fun trying to drive out of that.)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vain Request

Those of you who have been posting here and on my facebook telling me that I am pretty and cute with my big prego belly PLEASE keep telling me so. Because the more you do the more I try to actually see it when I look at my pictures. Because lets face it. I just feel


And I know. They say you HAVE to get big to be prego, and it is okay to feel big. But you know what? I don't just feel like I have a big baby belly. I feel like I have a big face, big chest, big belly, big legs, and after 12 hours of work I even have HUGE feet. Every time I look in the mirror I just feel HUGE.

Please, those of you who have had kids, tell me I WILL be small again. I feel like Gulliver when he visits the land of the little people.

And whether you are prego or not- get ready for April. I am giving myself maybe a week to recuperate from birth (I may give myself two depending on HOW much I hurt) and then I am hitting the- I miss my body- bandwagon hard. There are going to be weight loss posts, running, kickboxing, Weight Watchers meals- its gonna rock.

And whether you want to hear it or not you know what I am going to treat myself too when I am back to being thin? New jeans and sexy lingerie. Thats right I said it- hot undies. You may want to deny it but they make a girl feel GOOD. Whether you have someone to show them too or not.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pigeon Holing the Child

It is not much of a secret. Or if it is, it really shouldn't be. We are naming out child Logan. And yes, that IS after Wolverine. We have been planning on naming our first boy after Wolverine before Adam and I even knew for sure that we were getting married. In fact, we are playing around with the idea of giving all of our boys names that correspond with Superhero alter egos. There are some good ones. Hank, Peter, Wayne, Clark, Wade, Charles (we love Charles. That was, or is our back up for this kid.)

A couple of weeks ago a WONDERFUL
woman in our ward realized that she had an
extra crib, and as she was moving, offered it to Adam and I FOR FREE. We were pretty excited. (This picture is Adam masterfully taking it apart so we could transport it home flat in the bed of the truck.) It was a much nicer crib than I was thinking we would get which is way cool.

When we got it home we took it upstairs to store in the playroom. On the couch in the playroom are two pillows that used to grace Adam's bed when he was a child. Guess who is on them. No surprise. So we are for SURE taking them with us when we move out before our Logan is born and as I gleefully took a picture of them,
wondering if we could find an AWESOME poster of Wolverine for the walls of the nursery, and lamenting that I couldn't find Wolverine fabric to make our Logans quilt. Adam looked at me and asked:

"Do you think were pigeon holing the baby?"

:) We probably are. But his name sake is the only hope he has of being butch. Lets face it. He's getting mine and Adam genes. He will probably be more like a skinny version of Beast. Aka: preferring to do science experiments in the basement than out on adventures.

Plus, if a young boy is GOING to be pigeon holed, who better by than the coolest super hero on earth? :)