Saturday, November 6, 2010

Three Years!!

Its mine and Adams third year anniversary today- ushered in by Adams new job, a wonderful relief society bake sale, and a rare Tennessee snow. When we got home for lunch Adam hugged me and said- "Has it REALLY been three years?" About this time 6 years ago we became inseparable best friends. I cant believe we have known each other, let alone been living together for so long! Best years of my life. So, here is my top ten things about how great it is to be married to Adam. (Not in order of what is best or worst :)

1. You get to eat whatever you want because Adam doesn't care much about food. So whatever I want- I get. Its pretty great.

2. Adam is VERY warm. All the time. Except for his hands and feet. Which makes it great because he keeps you warm when you are outside and cold, he warms up the bed, and yet when Im am prego hot and sweaty he rubs his feet on my legs and it feels GREAT.

3. I have been introduced to the best of the comedy world. If it had not been for Adam I may have never discovered Dumb and Dumber, Scrubs, Spin City, and numerous other things.

4. No one handles emotions and freak outs like Adam does. He lets me have my emotional overwhelmences than makes me laugh to make it better. Or he takes my mind off of everything I am feeling. So nice to be left alone so I can cry, and then not have to dwell on it later.

5. He does all the dishes. I could count how many time I have on my two hands.

6. Adam doesn't like having the bed made either. AWESOME.

7. He likes Herbal Essences. Which means I don't have to buy multiple bottles of shampoo.

8. I get to mature without actually ever having to grow up. Adam would play marvel super heros with me for hours if I wanted him too. (Our kids will have SO MUCH FUN.)

9. I never have to stress too much about the future. I do cuz Adam does, but he is so hard working, and wants to learn and do good so bad, I know that we can never end up badly. Whatever happens will be right.

10. Adam has more faith in our relationship than I do I think. Which is saying a lot. Its nice, when you are surrounded by those closest to you ending and splitting, to have your husband assure you that HE knows, we will never go through that no matter what curves the future holds. I always think- "You never know." And when I think that Adam gives me the- I can read you mind look- and then gives me the- I KNOW, look. So reassuring.

Everyone thinks they have the best hubby ever. When really I think we all just have the PERFECT spouse for us. Adam is my match, and I KNOW it. I could never ask for a better friend. Yay for three years!!

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