Sunday, November 14, 2010


Yay Halloween!! Despite the fact that I had to work through every single Halloween event that went on this year, I was NOT going to give up on the holiday all together :) Adam and I still went to the store, still picked out pumpkins, still carved them, and still roasted the seeds and enjoyed eating them all!

Last year Adam spent about three hours, not a joke or an exaggeration, carving his pumpkin. He decided to go a little easier this year. (Yes, his is the one with the triangle face :) Mine was suppose to look like a skeleton face... and I wanted to do a white pumpkin, but I guess three or four days before Halloween, all the white pumpkins were gone. Sad day, but oh well :)

We put them out on Adams front porch to show off. I dont think we ever actually lit them (we were avoiding the trick-or-treaters) but I still think they look pretty good :)

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