Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pre-Pardum Depression?

I have been down lately. Don't get me wrong- I usually go through a "down stage" during the week, or heck, the day. (RE: my post "Crazy Phoebe"). But I have realized that I have been really continuously low lately. So much so that Adam even noticed it which is when it hit me- okay Sarah, buck up, time for a good change.

I don't know if its hormones, situation, or just me, but I am making a new goal (I think I did this before, but I am being much more ernest about it now I promise:) to not just be positive, but to better my mood. I am writing it here because like my weight loss, I want to make myself accountable. I have done this in the past, and I have an amazing little sister who is doing it right now too so I have lots of things to base my goals off of.

So here are the ones I have now:

1. Put myself on a schedule. I realized how important this was when I was dieting, and everything I read talks about how important it is when you are a mom so- I'm going to start now and get in the habit. I am giving myself a wake-up time, and a bed time.

2. Plan food. Also a good thing to do when dieting and pregnant, and as funny as it sounds, I HATE going into the kitchen and trying to scrounge something up for breakfast or to take to work for lunch. Plus, when I have a plan i eat healthier and I feel better.

3. Read my scriptures in the morning. This comes from my amazing little sister Rebekah. I read before I go to bed but, I usually work a late shift so i have plenty of time to read in the morning too. And I know who I am, and I pay attention and study better in the morning. Plus, I remember doing this in high school and reading in the morning for me personally, really helped set my day right.

4. Get ready. I am tired, and lazy, and pregnant. I NEVER get ready anymore. Which is probably adding to the "i always feel ugly" feeling. Now- I do NOT want to shower and shave and put on make-up everyday. But I remember how good I felt on my anniversary when I did all that. Its hard being cute when you feel huge (and may I add when something is moving inside of you. Weirdest feeling ever) and so I need to do all I can to feel good. (And I'm sure Adam would appreciate the gesture as well :)

5. Do something for me. I really have been wasting away my mornings doing nothing. And I KNOW on the days when I sit up and craft all morning i feel so much better. Maybe because I am being productive- but also because it is something i love. I cant run or do kickboxing anymore, but I can go on long walks, I can craft, i can read.

6. Write. Yeah- usually whenever I am out of sorts this is what everyone tells me to do and they are right. I need to write. Its like eating for me. I am upset without it, even if I don't want to do it. So hey- that might mean more blogging about totally random things :) Be ready. Even if its not a story- I need to journal write. I need to vent. I need to just put words on paper that way they are not swirling inside of me all day :)

Those are my goals so far. I was up at 8:30 this morning, I made blueberry muffins for breakfast, I read my scriptures while I ate, I am writing right now :) and after this i plan on cuddling Adam for a half hour and then going to take a shower.

If you guys have any good advice as to what gets you out of a slump- let me know! I love to try new things, and I know being happy may be hard when I am on no sleep in a few months, so whatever happy habits I can get into now I want to.


  1. When I lost my job I went through a down period, so to get myself out of it I did some of the same things you are. I got up, got ready, found projects around the house, worked on crafts, started hanging out with friends more. So, like we talked about at the bake sale, you need to come over so we can craft and watch movies. Once I get back from Utah we are doing it.

  2. oh my sarahray I went through a depression period too. I hated it. It was all hormones...well not having a job contributed as well. It will pass. Exercise helps me so much, even though its just walking.