Saturday, November 20, 2010

For Jennifer Kunz and the rest of the Un-Perfects

I have read a couple of my friends blogs lately and they all say similar things. They are all looking at friends lives, family's lives on facebook and on blogs and they are feeling so... beneath everyone else's seemingly wonderful and perfect lives. They look at where they are going and they think- "wow, how come I can't do that", or "how come I am not that amazing?"

Guess what? My friend Jennifer, as she said in her blog, as seemingly perfect as we all... seem on our blogs... we are NOT all perfect, we go not have all perfect days or perfect lives.

So- in celebration of this- I am going to list the very unperfect and unwonderful parts of my life- and I encourage all of YOU to do the same. Just like Jennifer said- even though it sucks now when we make those mistakes, someday we will laugh, and laugh hard about them. So, without further ado- the un-goodness of Sarah E Moeck :)

PS- this in NO way undermines my being happy thing because I am happy as I write this, happy to admit my faults, and this is also hopefully to make YOU laugh :)

1. I dislike pregnancy. A LOT. I feel awful every time people talk about how wonderful pregnancy is and how much they love it because really? If I could take Logan out of me now- I would. I hate the gas, I hate not wanting to eat, I hate hating to work out... I hate the crazy emotions, I hate not sleeping well, I hate not wanting to work, I hate being lazy...

2. (I am working on this one however- cuz look! I am Writing now :) I profess to be a writer, I even got editors for a book i finished and I STILL have not sent the book to them. Its been... how many months? I haven't written anything original since... September DESPITE the ideas I get. NOTHING gets written down anymore.

3. One of my goals this year was to end the year NOT broke. Yeah- won't be making that one.

4. I hate brushing my teeth. For reals. Adam has to remind me to do it and then I complain the entire time. I am gross. Its true.

5. With the exception of my anniversary, I have not shaved since my birthday in September. (I am getting better at getting ready but it is winter and I LOATHE shaving.)

6. I have no desire to get a masters degree right now. I feel like i should- and yes sometimes I DO miss school. But right now- I don't want to go back to classes and tests and everything else. I look at these women slogging through school with children on their hips and I feel like since I have the potential I should GO for it- but I don't. I worry about time, money, supporting Adam. One of my old professors would slap me for saying this but- I am fine to stay at home while Adam gets a degree and maybe when all the kids are gone... I will go for the MS. Maybe.

7. I have a BA in English for a VERY good University. And I am working two minimum wage jobs at the mall making no more than 200, 250, a week. I am a 16 year old high schooler on summer break.

8. I break almost everything I touch. My father-in-laws garage- multiple times. My old car- I am even afraid to load the dishwasher cuz I might do it wrong. I am FREAKED OUT of falling while pregnant and miscarrying, and I am freaked out of dropping my child and hurting- or killing it. I have DREAMED that scenario.

I feel like I should follow this up with ten great things about my life but you know- it kind of feels great to admit all of this out loud. I do not bake, I do not clean, I do not have a great job, I am not in school, I will most DEF not be a perfect parent... There are lots of wonderful things in my life- LOTS. But I am also very human and there are many things that suck, or do not go right. Things that I might even have control over to change.

So friends- can I join the unperfect club? :)


  1. I hate brushing my teeth too!!! The only reason I remember at night is because Jay does. And I feel guilty not brushing since he does. But I definitely don't go the full 2 minutes or however long is recommended to brush for.

  2. I love you bella. Thank you for posting this. Its funny because you're right most days I feel like I'm the only one with an imperfect life, just have to peel back the layers. :)

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  4. Thanks for posting this! It's nice to receive a bit of confirmation that my hopes that others are really imperfect as well, is true. I shouldn't really hope that. That sounds bad. o.0 I think we'd all be able love each other much better if we just opened up about our struggles, our pains and our frustrations. I know it helps me feel closer to someone when they share with me those things.