Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fall Time and Halloween

It's funny how used I got to Utah seasons and never really realized it. I had a fit in September when it was still crazy warm. In Utah its COLD on my birthday. (the 14th.) I was SO looking forward to see a southern fall, and all the colors of the trees... I never DREAMED that I would have to wait until the END of October to see it.Still, it doesn't really disappoint does it? :)One of the great things about Johnson City is that it is very family, and religiously oriented, so even though Halloween was on Sunday, they celebrated it on Saturday and did all the trick-or-treating then. Adam and I followed with out traditional Jack-o-Lantern pizza, which this year we named Peter the Pumpkin Pizza.

Peter was YUMMY. :)

(I'm wearing my Jack-o-Lantern Halloween shirt.... very tight over the pregnant body PS.... but you can't really tell.)
Happy Fall!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Nothing beats fall in the East. I'm so glad you get to enjoy it!