Friday, November 12, 2010

Crazy Phoebe

Do you remember the season of Friends where Phoebe is pregnant, and the episode where her emotions are all over the place, every few minutes? She goes so crazy that people are afraid to talk to her?

Yeah, I have reached that part of pregnancy. I freak out about everything at the drop of a hat, and then complain to Adam, and then five minutes after I have released all my steam, I realize how WONDERFUL Adam is, how well he handles me, and how he never complains about everything. Then I feel so bad about my freak out that I almost start to cry as I apologize to Adam because he is so cool and calm and nothing bothers him.

Then Adam will do his best to make me laugh, make me feel better, prove to me that he really DOESN'T care- he cares so little that he doesn't even want me to apologize. Then I go on with my regular life and freak out about something again- Adam makes me feel better...

I laugh, then murder, then cry about it. Heavens!!

I know its a pregnancy thing, (because I wasn't like this before except for maybe a day of my period), and it makes me feel horrid for those I live with and work with. And yet, when I am in the moment I don't even think about how to make myself more sane. I just act and react and react and act.

So, my question, whether you are pregnant or not- we are ALL a little crazy and I know you can't sluff it off all the time. Everyone is crazy every once and a while. But all the REST of the time- how do YOU keep the crazies at bay?

(I pray that it gets better with time. I would HATE to be going into labor like this...) And if it DOESN'T get better- do NOT tell me :) Let me be hopeful.


  1. Some once told my husband every woman is crazy, you just have to find one that is the kind of crazy you can deal with;) There is nothing wrong with being a little crazy!

  2. I think I remember it getting better the last trimester...I think..then again I had a HORRIBLE memory..I may have just blocked it all out :) Everyones crazy!

  3. dude i take a freakin nap. thats how i dealt with the crazies... OR i would just freak out on random people that i didnt like at work. that helped :) but trust me, if you go into labor and youre freaking out at everyone, im pretty sure that you wont be the worst they've seen. good luck with everything sarah!! i miss your face!

  4. just get an epidural and there will be no craziness during labor!