Friday, November 26, 2010

Anniversary and Interview Week-end

The same week we got our ultrasound, Adam and I celebrated our 6th anniversary!! It ended up being a week-end event and was WONDERFUL.

The morning of the 6th Adam started training at Best Buy, so I went to a ward Relief Society Bake Sale, where they were raising money for Children in America. As I was getting ready (that doesn't happen really anymore but hey- it WAS my anniversary) it started to SNOW.Adam informs me that this DOES NOT happen in TN so I had to take pictures and a video of it. It snowed for a good two or three hours. We were really worried that no one would come to our sale, even though the snow wasn't sticking or anything. But by noon it tapered off, and by four when the sale ended everything was gone.It was amazing to see all the girls come and participate, and even greater to see all of their cooking talents! Even one of the customers mentioned to us that you knew it was a good bake sale because there were so many different things! Cake, cookies, pies, chocolate pretzels, fudge, brownies, candy, puppy chow, caramel corn... all you can imagine.It was super fun for me to get to sit and talk with all of the girls. I am usually totally weird around people who are not my age, or who are in a totally different spot of life that I am in, but these women are GREAT! They always find something to chat about, and then make me feel so comfortable. Plus, they give good pregnancy advice, not the annoying kind, and make me excited not FREAKED OUT about being a mom.I ditched the party around 12:30 when Adam got out of work, and we went home and napped and cleaned and packed for our weekend away. Then we went to the Olive Garden for dinner (oh so freaking yum) and were planning on watching a movie but I feel asleep a half hour or so after we got home. Exhausted girl here!On Sunday morning we took off for West Virigina for Adams med school interview. We stayed in a hotel that night and watched Will Ferrell movies. :) Nice. (if you cant read the sign, it says Big Ugly Creek Rd. We got the BIGGEST kick out of that. Thank you Kentucky!)Monday morning Adam had his interview so I drove around and got to know town. I liked it a lot. Kind of reminded me of what Provo would be like if you placed it in the south. I had forgotten that I almost missed that young school scene. We drove home Monday night after Adams interview was over.

He said it went REALLY well. He tour guide ended up being the Elders Quorum president in the area so they bonded. He said his interviewer was pretty intense, but he thought it went well. We still wont know for a long time how it really DID go, but at least we got away to celebrate 3 GREAT years, and had a lot of fun in the meantime.

Either way- we look forward to another great year, and hopefully some more interviews to come!

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