Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving with Sarah and Adam

I have always loved Thanksgiving, but it has become even more important to me since I went to college. My first Thanksgiving away from home should have been the worst holiday ever and instead I found myself at Adams brothers best friends house, eating Thanksgiving with Adam, every one of his siblings, and his new brother-in-laws entire family.

Except for when Adam was on his mission we have spent every Thanksgiving together, and I am always most thankful for him :)

This year, Adams parents went to Florida to celebrate the holiday with Adams sister and her family. Adam and I could definitely not go, seeing as we both work retail and crazy people actually go out on Black Friday. So, we stayed here in Tennessee and celebrated our own happy Thanksgiving like we have for years.

On the Monday before our friends from Utah Alison, Jared, and their daughter Madison were traveling to New York so they came and stayed a night with us. We made fajitas, talked until late in the night, then slept in and had cinnamon rolls. It was SO much fun to see them!

Then on Thursday I got so excited for the parade
I woke-up almost an hour before it even starts :) I make Rhodes Cinnamon rolls and hot coco, then sit on the couch wrapped up in blankets and watch the parade. I LOVE it. Adam will usually stumble downstairs around ten to eat and cuddle with me, then when he realizes what I am actually watching he wandered back upstairs muttering something about rather wishing he was watching football :)

The moment the parade was over, I went upstairs for a hot shower and then Adam and I watched our new show Community. (Thank you Alison and Jared- we LOVE IT!) Then around three I made dinner. I cheated big time- the whole meal took me MAYBE an hour. We had turkey cutlets- herb seasoned. Fake mashed potatoes (Adam likes it better that way), boxed stuffing, canned corn, rhodes rolls, homemade cranberry and apricot sauce, Martinellies, then a boxed pumpkin pie and homemade peach cobbler.

I don't care that it was half fake and half way too easy to make. It was delicious!!

Then we spent the night watching Community, and we went to bed CRAZY early cause Adam had to be at work at 4:30 on Friday. Either way- we had SO much fun! And I am sorry I didn't get pictures of the meal. My camera was upstairs and I was WAY to lazy to go and fetch it :)

Hope your Thanksgiving was just as fun and relaxing as our was!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Top 100 Books

So, my friend Kate Herrick posted this thing on Facebook about the BBC top 100 Books, and how most people have only read 6 of them. I was reading through the list marking the ones I had read or read part of, and a lot of them I agreed with. And then there were a few that I was like... Um, why is that on there? (This could be because I had not read the book...) And a few that I felt like... WHY were they NOT on there?

And I thought how fun it would be to make a list of the top 100 books per Sarah E Moeck. Granted- a few of these books are on there because, well, they changed MY life. They may not change yours, and they may not be important books but I LOVE them. Which makes them important to me. And this is the top 100 books per Sarah. :) So here they are!

(Not in order of importance by the way.)

PS- Authors names may not be spelled right. I am pregnant and too lazy to look up the correct spellings

I Bolded the ones I think that you cannot die until you have read them. Honestly.

1. Anne of Green Gables (and all the rest in the series) by LM Montgomery Always, always, number 1.
2. Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom
3. Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
4. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte (her poems are excellent too)
5. Enders Game (and the rest of the series) by Orson Scott Card
6. The Hunger Games (and the rest of the series) by Suzanne Collins
7. The Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyers
8. Sarah By Orson Scott Card
9. The Alchemist
10. Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling
11. The Giver
12. Star Girl
13. Mama Day by Gloria Naylor
14. Fight Club by Chuck Palnahunick
15. Farenheight 451 by Ray Bradbury
16. House on Mango Street by Sandra Cinsineros
17. Bridget Jones Diary (FUNNIEST BOOK EVER)
18. Complete Works of Shakespeare
19. The Unlikely Reader (forgot the author but this is HILARIOUS and so meaningful. And short)
20. The Tale of Desperaux (so touching is made my little brother sob when he read it... and he was 9)
21. Drizzt Series by RA Salvatore (just amazing characters. I mean really)
22. Anna Karenina by Tolstoy
23. Notes From Underground by Fiedor Doystovesky (I have not read this, but it changed Adam's life which means it HAS to be amazing. And we love Russian writers here.)
24. A Brave New World by Adudolus Huxley
25. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
26. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
27. Reading Lolita in Theran
28. The Unlikely Romance of Kate Bjorkman
29. The Moonstone and The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins (really a SUPERB author. Great mystery's)
30. A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks (movie RUINS the book)
31. Eve's Apple by James Rosen (oh my heavens- changed my life. Here is a man who understands women. And he's NOT gay.)
32. Paradise by Toni Morrison
33. Nancy Drew (all of them. Or the original 56) by Caroline Keen
34. Death Be Not Proud
35. Book Of Mormon
36. Bible
37. A Christmas Carol (because I think everyone should read at least ONE Dickens novel in their life time, and by NO means would I suggest the one I read- David Copperfield. I have heard A Christmas Carol isn't too bad.)
38. Paradise Lost
39. Don Quixote
40. Bewolf (LOVE IT)
41. To Kill A Mockingbird
42. Puddenhead Wilson by Mark Twain (I am NOT a Mark Twain fan but he is so classically American he has to be read, and this book it pretty darn good)
43. Eat, Pray, Love (yes I jumped on the band wagon and yes I love it)
44. The Penderwicks (young adult, and OH so good.)
45. Little Women
46. The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin
47. My Antonia by Cather (another good solid American novel. And its charming)
48. Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Wolf (Think of me- I am Mrs. Dalloway)
49. Pictures of Hollis Woods
50. Bridge to Terebithia
51. The Divine Secrets of the Ya-ya Sisterhood
52. All Things Great and Small by James Herriot (read ALL of his books. So good.)
53. Tuck Everlasting
54. The Host by Stephanie Meyers
55. Hound of the Baskervilles
56. Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen
57. Mansfield Park by Jane Austen
58. Junie B. Jones (all) Really, SO hilarious and so true to age, anyone of any age is guaranteed to love them
59. 1984 by George Orwell (just so you can feel justified in throwing a book. It is good.)
60. Tess of the De'Ubervilles
61. Catcher in the Rye
62. Lord of the Flies
63. The Three Musketeers
64. Les Miserables (you can't even read my copy it is so marked up. It will change anyones life.)
65. Phantom of the Opera
66. Count of Monte Cristo (another Adam love that I am dying to read)
67. Angels and Demons by Dan Brown
68. The Importance of Being Ernest
69. The Little Prince
70. I Believe In Santa Claus (picture book but SO touching)
71. The Boleyn Inheritance (not for the weak of stomach or heart)
72. The Polar Express (I don't care if its barely 20 pages and full of pictures. It will be dear to my heart forever and ever.)
73. The Odyssey (even thought I LOATHE Odysseus)
74. The Aenid
75. The Illiad
76. Dr. Seuss (any and all)
77. Don Juan (oh my heavens- so good and SO funny)
78. The Four Loves by CS Lewis
79. Pictures of Dorian Gray (changed my mothers life, and I have only read half but I DO approve)
80. Crime and Punishment by Doystovesky (another Adam- and I have loved what I have heard)
81. Cinderella Man (the book may have even come out AFTER the movie but it is still way good.)
82. My Side of the Mountain
83. She Walks These Hills
84. The Orchard
85. The Things They Carried
86. The Diary of Anne Frank
87. The Great Gatsby
88. Sarah's Key (about the holocaust in France- hard to get through because it is so wrenching but I feel it is a great and even important read)
89. Enders Shadow (and the rest of the series) by Orson Scott Card (my little sister just got a full ride scholarship to the University he teaches at... how amazing is that?)
90. East of Eden by Steinbeck (the ONLY book by this man that I remotely enjoy)
91. The Tempest by William Shakespeare
92. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
93. The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom
94. The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat (GREAT and touching short stories- all Neuro based. Guess who told me about this one? It is SUPER good though.)
95. Blithedale Romance by Nathaniel Hawthorne (SO much better than Scarlet Letter)
96. La Morte De Artur
97. The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer (I dont love, I dont hate- I just feel you HAVE to read)
98. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
99. Treasure Island (read it with all the voices- so much fun)
100. The book I am currently hoping to get published but do not have a good title for :) I promise it is meaningful. At least to me.

Granted- these might change as I get older and read more but for now- at age 24- this is what I got.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Anniversary and Interview Week-end

The same week we got our ultrasound, Adam and I celebrated our 6th anniversary!! It ended up being a week-end event and was WONDERFUL.

The morning of the 6th Adam started training at Best Buy, so I went to a ward Relief Society Bake Sale, where they were raising money for Children in America. As I was getting ready (that doesn't happen really anymore but hey- it WAS my anniversary) it started to SNOW.Adam informs me that this DOES NOT happen in TN so I had to take pictures and a video of it. It snowed for a good two or three hours. We were really worried that no one would come to our sale, even though the snow wasn't sticking or anything. But by noon it tapered off, and by four when the sale ended everything was gone.It was amazing to see all the girls come and participate, and even greater to see all of their cooking talents! Even one of the customers mentioned to us that you knew it was a good bake sale because there were so many different things! Cake, cookies, pies, chocolate pretzels, fudge, brownies, candy, puppy chow, caramel corn... all you can imagine.It was super fun for me to get to sit and talk with all of the girls. I am usually totally weird around people who are not my age, or who are in a totally different spot of life that I am in, but these women are GREAT! They always find something to chat about, and then make me feel so comfortable. Plus, they give good pregnancy advice, not the annoying kind, and make me excited not FREAKED OUT about being a mom.I ditched the party around 12:30 when Adam got out of work, and we went home and napped and cleaned and packed for our weekend away. Then we went to the Olive Garden for dinner (oh so freaking yum) and were planning on watching a movie but I feel asleep a half hour or so after we got home. Exhausted girl here!On Sunday morning we took off for West Virigina for Adams med school interview. We stayed in a hotel that night and watched Will Ferrell movies. :) Nice. (if you cant read the sign, it says Big Ugly Creek Rd. We got the BIGGEST kick out of that. Thank you Kentucky!)Monday morning Adam had his interview so I drove around and got to know town. I liked it a lot. Kind of reminded me of what Provo would be like if you placed it in the south. I had forgotten that I almost missed that young school scene. We drove home Monday night after Adams interview was over.

He said it went REALLY well. He tour guide ended up being the Elders Quorum president in the area so they bonded. He said his interviewer was pretty intense, but he thought it went well. We still wont know for a long time how it really DID go, but at least we got away to celebrate 3 GREAT years, and had a lot of fun in the meantime.

Either way- we look forward to another great year, and hopefully some more interviews to come!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dear Logan

Dear Logan-

Son, I do love you, but if we are going to make this relationship work after you are born I have a BIG favor to ask of you right now.

In the middle of the night when I get up to go to the bathroom, (notice that I don't even complain about having to get up because you are sleeping on my bladder) it would be wonderful if you wouldn't choose when I come BACK from the bathroom, as your time to show off all your awesome acrobatics.

I have no doubt you can move a lot and all over the place. I LOVE to feel and sometimes see your tricks during the middle of the day. But Logan- a person needs to sleep sometimes, and when you are doing flips it tends to keep me up which makes me really grumpy in the morning.

Your dad also pleads that you leave me alone and let me fall back to sleep because he has to DEAL with me in the morning.

Again- I love you, and all your awesome stunts. Just... not at 3:30 am okay pal?

Thank you so much little man!

With love,
Your Mom,

Monday, November 22, 2010

The 20 Week Ultrasound

Yay 20 weeks and yay for ultrasounds!! Like I said before, Logan is NOT picture happy, so he hid every time our technician wanted to get a good one of him for us. (The DVD of the ultrasound turned out great but that's cuz he was moving and not being a punk.)

Anyways, the first is from the 3-D ultrasound. For those of you who cant tell (and I know its hard) you can see his little hands and fingers blocking his face. He would NOT let us get a facial picture. But, he is cute nonetheless :) Adams worried now that he's going to be a major face scratcher.

The second is his face. I can't even really distinguish much so don't feel bad if you can't. :)

The third is proof that we are having a male child. Like I said- awful picture. But watch the DVD and you won't doubt :)

I'm okay letting him grow a little more though I have to say- I'll be glad when pregnancy is over and I can HOLD him. That will be neat :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

For Jennifer Kunz and the rest of the Un-Perfects

I have read a couple of my friends blogs lately and they all say similar things. They are all looking at friends lives, family's lives on facebook and on blogs and they are feeling so... beneath everyone else's seemingly wonderful and perfect lives. They look at where they are going and they think- "wow, how come I can't do that", or "how come I am not that amazing?"

Guess what? My friend Jennifer, as she said in her blog, as seemingly perfect as we all... seem on our blogs... we are NOT all perfect, we go not have all perfect days or perfect lives.

So- in celebration of this- I am going to list the very unperfect and unwonderful parts of my life- and I encourage all of YOU to do the same. Just like Jennifer said- even though it sucks now when we make those mistakes, someday we will laugh, and laugh hard about them. So, without further ado- the un-goodness of Sarah E Moeck :)

PS- this in NO way undermines my being happy thing because I am happy as I write this, happy to admit my faults, and this is also hopefully to make YOU laugh :)

1. I dislike pregnancy. A LOT. I feel awful every time people talk about how wonderful pregnancy is and how much they love it because really? If I could take Logan out of me now- I would. I hate the gas, I hate not wanting to eat, I hate hating to work out... I hate the crazy emotions, I hate not sleeping well, I hate not wanting to work, I hate being lazy...

2. (I am working on this one however- cuz look! I am Writing now :) I profess to be a writer, I even got editors for a book i finished and I STILL have not sent the book to them. Its been... how many months? I haven't written anything original since... September DESPITE the ideas I get. NOTHING gets written down anymore.

3. One of my goals this year was to end the year NOT broke. Yeah- won't be making that one.

4. I hate brushing my teeth. For reals. Adam has to remind me to do it and then I complain the entire time. I am gross. Its true.

5. With the exception of my anniversary, I have not shaved since my birthday in September. (I am getting better at getting ready but it is winter and I LOATHE shaving.)

6. I have no desire to get a masters degree right now. I feel like i should- and yes sometimes I DO miss school. But right now- I don't want to go back to classes and tests and everything else. I look at these women slogging through school with children on their hips and I feel like since I have the potential I should GO for it- but I don't. I worry about time, money, supporting Adam. One of my old professors would slap me for saying this but- I am fine to stay at home while Adam gets a degree and maybe when all the kids are gone... I will go for the MS. Maybe.

7. I have a BA in English for a VERY good University. And I am working two minimum wage jobs at the mall making no more than 200, 250, a week. I am a 16 year old high schooler on summer break.

8. I break almost everything I touch. My father-in-laws garage- multiple times. My old car- I am even afraid to load the dishwasher cuz I might do it wrong. I am FREAKED OUT of falling while pregnant and miscarrying, and I am freaked out of dropping my child and hurting- or killing it. I have DREAMED that scenario.

I feel like I should follow this up with ten great things about my life but you know- it kind of feels great to admit all of this out loud. I do not bake, I do not clean, I do not have a great job, I am not in school, I will most DEF not be a perfect parent... There are lots of wonderful things in my life- LOTS. But I am also very human and there are many things that suck, or do not go right. Things that I might even have control over to change.

So friends- can I join the unperfect club? :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fall Time and Halloween

It's funny how used I got to Utah seasons and never really realized it. I had a fit in September when it was still crazy warm. In Utah its COLD on my birthday. (the 14th.) I was SO looking forward to see a southern fall, and all the colors of the trees... I never DREAMED that I would have to wait until the END of October to see it.Still, it doesn't really disappoint does it? :)One of the great things about Johnson City is that it is very family, and religiously oriented, so even though Halloween was on Sunday, they celebrated it on Saturday and did all the trick-or-treating then. Adam and I followed with out traditional Jack-o-Lantern pizza, which this year we named Peter the Pumpkin Pizza.

Peter was YUMMY. :)

(I'm wearing my Jack-o-Lantern Halloween shirt.... very tight over the pregnant body PS.... but you can't really tell.)
Happy Fall!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pre-Pardum Depression?

I have been down lately. Don't get me wrong- I usually go through a "down stage" during the week, or heck, the day. (RE: my post "Crazy Phoebe"). But I have realized that I have been really continuously low lately. So much so that Adam even noticed it which is when it hit me- okay Sarah, buck up, time for a good change.

I don't know if its hormones, situation, or just me, but I am making a new goal (I think I did this before, but I am being much more ernest about it now I promise:) to not just be positive, but to better my mood. I am writing it here because like my weight loss, I want to make myself accountable. I have done this in the past, and I have an amazing little sister who is doing it right now too so I have lots of things to base my goals off of.

So here are the ones I have now:

1. Put myself on a schedule. I realized how important this was when I was dieting, and everything I read talks about how important it is when you are a mom so- I'm going to start now and get in the habit. I am giving myself a wake-up time, and a bed time.

2. Plan food. Also a good thing to do when dieting and pregnant, and as funny as it sounds, I HATE going into the kitchen and trying to scrounge something up for breakfast or to take to work for lunch. Plus, when I have a plan i eat healthier and I feel better.

3. Read my scriptures in the morning. This comes from my amazing little sister Rebekah. I read before I go to bed but, I usually work a late shift so i have plenty of time to read in the morning too. And I know who I am, and I pay attention and study better in the morning. Plus, I remember doing this in high school and reading in the morning for me personally, really helped set my day right.

4. Get ready. I am tired, and lazy, and pregnant. I NEVER get ready anymore. Which is probably adding to the "i always feel ugly" feeling. Now- I do NOT want to shower and shave and put on make-up everyday. But I remember how good I felt on my anniversary when I did all that. Its hard being cute when you feel huge (and may I add when something is moving inside of you. Weirdest feeling ever) and so I need to do all I can to feel good. (And I'm sure Adam would appreciate the gesture as well :)

5. Do something for me. I really have been wasting away my mornings doing nothing. And I KNOW on the days when I sit up and craft all morning i feel so much better. Maybe because I am being productive- but also because it is something i love. I cant run or do kickboxing anymore, but I can go on long walks, I can craft, i can read.

6. Write. Yeah- usually whenever I am out of sorts this is what everyone tells me to do and they are right. I need to write. Its like eating for me. I am upset without it, even if I don't want to do it. So hey- that might mean more blogging about totally random things :) Be ready. Even if its not a story- I need to journal write. I need to vent. I need to just put words on paper that way they are not swirling inside of me all day :)

Those are my goals so far. I was up at 8:30 this morning, I made blueberry muffins for breakfast, I read my scriptures while I ate, I am writing right now :) and after this i plan on cuddling Adam for a half hour and then going to take a shower.

If you guys have any good advice as to what gets you out of a slump- let me know! I love to try new things, and I know being happy may be hard when I am on no sleep in a few months, so whatever happy habits I can get into now I want to.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Yay Halloween!! Despite the fact that I had to work through every single Halloween event that went on this year, I was NOT going to give up on the holiday all together :) Adam and I still went to the store, still picked out pumpkins, still carved them, and still roasted the seeds and enjoyed eating them all!

Last year Adam spent about three hours, not a joke or an exaggeration, carving his pumpkin. He decided to go a little easier this year. (Yes, his is the one with the triangle face :) Mine was suppose to look like a skeleton face... and I wanted to do a white pumpkin, but I guess three or four days before Halloween, all the white pumpkins were gone. Sad day, but oh well :)

We put them out on Adams front porch to show off. I dont think we ever actually lit them (we were avoiding the trick-or-treaters) but I still think they look pretty good :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Crazy Phoebe

Do you remember the season of Friends where Phoebe is pregnant, and the episode where her emotions are all over the place, every few minutes? She goes so crazy that people are afraid to talk to her?

Yeah, I have reached that part of pregnancy. I freak out about everything at the drop of a hat, and then complain to Adam, and then five minutes after I have released all my steam, I realize how WONDERFUL Adam is, how well he handles me, and how he never complains about everything. Then I feel so bad about my freak out that I almost start to cry as I apologize to Adam because he is so cool and calm and nothing bothers him.

Then Adam will do his best to make me laugh, make me feel better, prove to me that he really DOESN'T care- he cares so little that he doesn't even want me to apologize. Then I go on with my regular life and freak out about something again- Adam makes me feel better...

I laugh, then murder, then cry about it. Heavens!!

I know its a pregnancy thing, (because I wasn't like this before except for maybe a day of my period), and it makes me feel horrid for those I live with and work with. And yet, when I am in the moment I don't even think about how to make myself more sane. I just act and react and react and act.

So, my question, whether you are pregnant or not- we are ALL a little crazy and I know you can't sluff it off all the time. Everyone is crazy every once and a while. But all the REST of the time- how do YOU keep the crazies at bay?

(I pray that it gets better with time. I would HATE to be going into labor like this...) And if it DOESN'T get better- do NOT tell me :) Let me be hopeful.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sarah's 24th B-day PICTURES

I have been trying forever to be able to get photos to upload to blogger and I just can't seem to do it!! So Adam, being the wonderful man that he is, is letting me use HIS computer. (For some reason our laptop just says error every time I try. So dumb.)

Anyways, I have LOTS of pictures to catch up on, so I am going to try to do a few posts here (and just publish them on different days) to get you all caught up with my pictures and such.

This is from my birthday! Yay to being 24! My best friend Becky flew in for a week and we had a great time being lazy and pregnant together, and pigging out at Olive Garden for my b-day dinner. Then we came home to the best chocolate cake ever! (Okay, second best. Best is Costco. Second best, believe it or not, is Wal Mart.)

Happy 24th to me!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mother Bear

When I was in England, all the girls gave each other "spirit animals". I was SUPER excited for mine- I was thinking a cat. Loves to lie in the sun, live in luxury, doesn't have to care but can love whenever it chooses...

yeah. I was unanimously voted to be Mother Bear. And I wasn't totally excited. I wanted something more exotic. Some of it makes sense. I am a little chubby, and I do have big bosoms so yes. I am very cuddly. That's not vain- that's fact. When I was confused about the choice the girls said (not in these exact words), that I was the teddy bear you want to cuddle and hug, and if someone hurt someone close to me I would bite the perpetrators head off.

It was funny- because it has taken me years of thinking about this to finally realize that I guess I am a little protective. I never really see myself that way so it was so strange that everyone else saw this so easily. Here is what has led me to agree with my spirit animal over the past few days:

When i was in high school, the boy I had a HUGE MASSIVE crush on said something a little mean- and most likely true- about my older brother. I cornered him against a wall in a full hallway and told him that if he wanted to be friends with me he had to love my brother and if he ever said anything against my brother again I would write off his friendship forever. And I meant it. And this particular friend and my brother ended up being good enough friends that we doubled. Often.

I wrote off a Young Women's leader completely for not accepting my very best friend because he was a little dark (personality) and different from the home spun Mormon. It took him YEARS to become interested in the church again and if this ladies husband hadn't been so great to my sibling I would still write her off for making him feel not worthy or accepted.

A girlfriend of mine got used a few different times from a series of seemingly good guys. It took ALL of me, and I mean all, to not go and slash their tires. I DO promise I completely ignored them in the grocery store and on campus, and made Adam do the same, despite how nice we may have been before.

Someone once said something to Adam in a tone of surprise that was along the lines of, "Wow you got a med school interview?" Granted, they may have meant it in a different way, but I took it as a "YOU?" Surprise that Adam might have got that far. I was LIVID. Writing awful poems about them livid. Can't talk to them for days mad at them.

Someone hurt my mom once. Emotionally. No background on the story for you here but I didn't talk to the person for an entire month, and I cried myself to sleep because of it. Multiple times.

See? Some of these are even funny- but its not even that good of a thing. I don't even wait to hear the other persons side. But the girls were right. If you hurt someone I love- I WILL HATE you. I will write you off. I will TP your house and in the words of the Hollywood Chaucer "I will eviscerate you in fiction."

It makes me worry for my poor children. Because it will take all of me to not hunt down the people who will inevitably hurt them, and punch them in the face. I will probably embarrass them more than once when I hear people tease them, and I find out it was all good-natured. But at least they can depend on me that if someone really does hurt them and they need me, if they need me to go yell at a teacher or a counselor, you better BELIEVE I will do it. Without hesitation.

I can tease good-naturedly. I can call my siblings full of themselves, freaks, suck-ups etc. I can tease Adam about being a geek. Don't you feel that way sometimes? You can tease your own but NO ONE else better go near them? No matter the friendship or relationship that they may have?

Maybe I am crazy. But I can tell you- its not something I am even LOOKING to get rid of anytime soon. Love me love my own. And beware- you get loved by me and you are looking to be loved for a very long time, and I MIGHT get on people for not being as nice to you as I think they should be. :)


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Three Years!!

Its mine and Adams third year anniversary today- ushered in by Adams new job, a wonderful relief society bake sale, and a rare Tennessee snow. When we got home for lunch Adam hugged me and said- "Has it REALLY been three years?" About this time 6 years ago we became inseparable best friends. I cant believe we have known each other, let alone been living together for so long! Best years of my life. So, here is my top ten things about how great it is to be married to Adam. (Not in order of what is best or worst :)

1. You get to eat whatever you want because Adam doesn't care much about food. So whatever I want- I get. Its pretty great.

2. Adam is VERY warm. All the time. Except for his hands and feet. Which makes it great because he keeps you warm when you are outside and cold, he warms up the bed, and yet when Im am prego hot and sweaty he rubs his feet on my legs and it feels GREAT.

3. I have been introduced to the best of the comedy world. If it had not been for Adam I may have never discovered Dumb and Dumber, Scrubs, Spin City, and numerous other things.

4. No one handles emotions and freak outs like Adam does. He lets me have my emotional overwhelmences than makes me laugh to make it better. Or he takes my mind off of everything I am feeling. So nice to be left alone so I can cry, and then not have to dwell on it later.

5. He does all the dishes. I could count how many time I have on my two hands.

6. Adam doesn't like having the bed made either. AWESOME.

7. He likes Herbal Essences. Which means I don't have to buy multiple bottles of shampoo.

8. I get to mature without actually ever having to grow up. Adam would play marvel super heros with me for hours if I wanted him too. (Our kids will have SO MUCH FUN.)

9. I never have to stress too much about the future. I do cuz Adam does, but he is so hard working, and wants to learn and do good so bad, I know that we can never end up badly. Whatever happens will be right.

10. Adam has more faith in our relationship than I do I think. Which is saying a lot. Its nice, when you are surrounded by those closest to you ending and splitting, to have your husband assure you that HE knows, we will never go through that no matter what curves the future holds. I always think- "You never know." And when I think that Adam gives me the- I can read you mind look- and then gives me the- I KNOW, look. So reassuring.

Everyone thinks they have the best hubby ever. When really I think we all just have the PERFECT spouse for us. Adam is my match, and I KNOW it. I could never ask for a better friend. Yay for three years!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oh Man!!

Oh yes oh Man!! We are having a BOY!!



I have thought the WHOLE time that it was a boy, but everyone said that because I am carrying so wide, and because the heartbeat is so fast that it was a girl.


We get our little wolverine after all! Logan Xhejms. (James in Albanian.) SO very and super excited.

I have some funny pictures from the 3-D ultrasound, but unfortunately our boy is a little camera shy. Or a total butt face already. Whenever the technician tried to get a good picture for us he would put his hands over his face, cross his legs, and turn his back to us. If we were just watching him we could see his little manliness, his ears and everything. But no good pics.

The pics I do have I promise I will post, but again the internet is not working for me to upload them so I will when we are out of town this weekend.

Otherwise- Logan is total average size, everything is looking great. I have lots of room, so my non-C Section is still looking very possible. My uterus is to the BACK which is why I dont look very big, and why it took till now for me to feel the kid kicking.

Best thing besides finding out the sex? My doctor sanctioned me to sleep on my back. AWESOME.