Friday, October 8, 2010

Vivid Dreams

I heard when you get pregnant that you have some seriously crazy dreams. I didn't actually think it would affect me that much because... lets face it. I have pretty crazy dreams as it is. For example- if I had a dream where I broke my arm, I would wake up with an actual ache in my arm. Super strange and super true. All my best stories have come from dreams I have had.

But what they say is true- your dreams go super strange when you are pregnant. And for me- that means they are even weirder than you can imagine. Were talking super REAL VIVID dreams that I can remember in the morning- almost every night. Dreams about post apocalyptic America, dreams where I am TIna Faye (I like those ones actually,) dreams about the baby (though I think the Lord is blessing me with those because not a SINGLE one of them has been bad- always comforting.) I have a new book idea every week and they all are things I would NEVER have been able to think of when I was awake. I'm gong to have to dedicate future books to my kids because its them that are giving me the chance to actually write something that main stream young America would like.

Anyways. Lately, I have been thinking about Halloween and what I would want to be. Adam, as said in years past, is not a Halloween person, and since we are in Tennessee this year, we won't have our friends, the Hyde's, epic Halloween party to attend. So I am trying to convince Adam to go to the ward party with me (Adam, and I usually for that matter, HATES ward parties) but I DO love the trunk or treat at ward Halloween parties. And I have been wracking my brain trying to think of how I would decorate Adam and mines trunk, and what I would wear as a costume that would be cheap, and would do with my growing belly.

Yeah- I DREAMED out the ward Halloween party. The whole thing. (Though it happened in my Oregon wards parking lot- not here in Tennessee...) Either way- I actually DREAMED how I would decorate my car, and how Adam and I would dress up, super cheap yet fun, Halloweenie and cute. And its not like these ideas were in the back of my mind either. I was thinking in an ENTIRELY different vein than the inspiration my dream gave me. Adam even thought it was a good idea when I told him when we woke-up.

Anyways. Pregnancy is super weird, and I am actually REALLY excited for it to be over- which is sad because I just hit 16 weeks this week. BUT- I do love the dreams- my mind is being more blown now in my subconscious than it is in real day time life. I guess I have my child and all my crazy hormones to thank for that. And lucky enough I remember them long enough in the morning to be able to write them all down.

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