Thursday, October 14, 2010

Best Day Ever

Sometimes when you have been stressing for a year about something, and months about something else... and you have been praying, and trying to ignore it and move on... you are given the BEST DAY EVER.

1. I got a second job. Which means, that I am working two part time jobs, which equals about one full time job. And one is at Motherhood Maternity. Which means awesome discounts for pregnant me. And more money so we can pay our bills, and save for baby and following hopeful school.

2. Adam got a MED SCHOOL INTERVIEW!!! Very happy. I made him a special dinner. And no- that is not a metaphor. We have soup chicken.

3. The interview is 6 or so hours away, and its on the 8th of November, a few days after our anniversary, so were going to drive out on the 7th, and spend the night in the hotel so Adam can make sure to be on time for the interview, and celebrate our anniversary! It will be the first time we've been able to go out of town, and have a mini vacation for our anniversary and we are super excited!

Either way, second job=more money, clothes discounts, hopes for the future and that we might be fulfilling what the Lord wants us to do, and an anniversary vacation which includes good dinner and a hotel! (I love staying in hotels. Super weird right?)

Either way- I have to say with the deepest honesty of my heart- thank you SO much for Heavenly Father for the boon. Thank you for answering my prayers that we ARE doing what is right, that we are heading in the right direction. And even if NOTHING of what we are excited about at the moment pans out, thank you for giving us hope, which is the one thing we needed right now more than anything.

Thank you for my wonderful hard working husband who never gets down. Thank you for our growing baby. Thank you for the changing leaves, and the upcoming holiday season. For our families, and our wonderful friends. Thank you Heavenly Father for reminding me that I need to ALWAYS see the rose color in my glasses.


  1. Hooray!! So glad things are looking up for you guys!

  2. its not anywhere WEST of you is it? because we miss you. Mostly me. Congrats!!!!!!! :)

  3. Yay! Congrats on the new job and interview! Adam will do great!