Friday, October 1, 2010

And We are Back to the Lists...

...of what is going on in our lives right now :) Because lists for some reason just make it easier.

1. I am working for a formal dress shop in the mall part time. Its easy, and the other girls are nice so I have no complaints. I should be getting a job with Motherhood Maternity here soon as well- so long as my background check doesn't show me as a criminal :)

2. Adam's still working for his dad but actively looking for other work too. He really wants to get a full time research job, and we're looking for one all over the country so who knows where we will end up next.

3. Med school aps and secondaries are in. Now its just the waiting game. Again. We hate the waiting game. And pregnancy has decreased my patience. (Not good practice for birth I hear...)

4. I am re-reading all the Harry Potters. Not really in preparation for the movies- I always see them though I don't like them at all. Kind of like the Twilight movies... But I needed something addicting after Hunger Games and Little Women was just not cutting it.

5. My brother got voted into the homecoming court. Not really anything to do with OUR lives but my mom told me yesterday and I thought it was really cool as well as funny because none of us have really been popular but for some reason my 14 year old brother is at the top of the high school food chain...

6. I have become obsessed with Glee. I don't know HOW I didn't discover it earlier. Makes me sad on all I missed out on. Brittany episode is my favorite so far. Wish my body looked like that.

7. Still in LOVE LOVE with Big Bang Theory. Fourth season is proving JUST AS hilarious.

8. Baby is growing well. I'm still not very big though I am gaining weight... I think its just kind of distributing itself all over. Awesome right? Still- its nice to have some energy back. I love walking or doing a little jogging. Makes me feel just as great as when I was tiny. Which I will be again. Just watch. I have a goal- I have to be skinny by the time we take fourth year pictures and go to the Linkin Park concert. (I want to bust out right?)

9. I hit 15 weeks this week so we should find out around our anniversary what the sex is. So i put a poll on the blog so people can guess. :) My sisters all want another girl (they already have two nieces) Adam and I want a boy but would love a girl I am sure. (She would be SO SPOILED.)

10. Cross your fingers we get into med school in Colorado. That's where we really want to go.

11. We actually miss Utah. We miss Adams boys popping in at the house. We miss Adams sister Amy coming over just to hang and watch movies or eat junk. I even miss the dry cleaners I used to work at. I'm even missing the frost that would be around at this time of year. I think Adam misses school though I'm not sure he would admit it.

So... the same! We are working, I am getting bigger, we enjoy our shows and sitting and doing nothing but laughing with each other and imagining where we will be this time next year. We're enjoying each other, the scenery, the ward, and are genuinely two happy people!


  1. We'd love for you to come to Colorado! Perhaps we would get a chance to see you.

  2. we don't like to admit it, but we miss Utah too..though not the cleaners, just you! I miss Ikea, Red Rooster, Zupas, and Guru's. And that I could run if I wanted and not get bitten by a dog or mugged. And the fact that we could walk to EVERYTHING. :( poo. Hill AFB in Ogden is on our top list..not for forever, just for a few years.(although I could still get mugged in Ogden, lol) But UK is still number 1!!

  3. I'm thinking you are having a BOY! But I can't wait to know what the sex is. So exciting.

  4. Sarah!!! I'm so excited that you are pregnant! And that you've had a good pregnancy so far... mine are always horrible for the first 15 weeks... I am almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight! (Seriously.. it is nothing to be envious of however, puking 3-5 times a day and not being able to eat ANYTHING when you are starving!) But the good news is the baby is somehow growing perfectly normal and appears to be healthy. I really really hope you get to move to Colorado! Jared and I love it here. We would definitely have to get together and have play dates with the kiddos. :) Anywho... just thinking of you. Oh... and I just started re-reading all the Harry Potters also... and just finished the Hunger Games Series. Whew!