Monday, September 20, 2010


You know how sometimes when you get together with your girlfriends and sit around watching girlie movies you talk about "who you wish you were" or "who you wish you looked like"?

Lets face it. I would not mind Julia Roberts smile. Or Nicole Kidmans born grace. I would love, when I am running, Audrey Hepburns body, or when I am dancing Marilyn Monroe's.

But really, every other second of every other day, I want to be Barbara Streisand.

I know I mention her all the time but truly- I think she is the MOST beautiful woman in the world. Long neck, long eyes, thick hair and yes- a big nose but a more beautiful nose I don't know if there is. (Unless its Adams.) Even in the 80's with her huge curly red hair she is even gorgeous.

Besides the fact that she's brilliant, she's so darn funny- in real life besides on film. (I know because I have listened to some of her award shows), and she is one of the only modern stars
that can sing as well as she can act and visa versa. I am watching a movie called Yentl right now, that you can't even imagine the depth of until you know that the woman really IS Jewish. (When she made her christmas album she said if her grandmother could hear her she would be turning over in her grave.)

And every time the woman opens her mouth to sing I get chills all up and down my arms. Goosebumps. Yes, it is a crush.

I have few dreams in my life but the biggest ones? Get married. (check.) Be a mom. (check in 180 and some odd days.) Publish a book. (At least I've written a few.) Meet Barbara Streisand. It sounds ridiculous but I cant write a book without some character, minor or major, loving her music. I have this ridiculous mental image that someday she is going to read one of my books and she will laugh at how much I love her and call my agent and ask if we can do lunch. I told you it was ridiculous.

Adam and I decided that as soon as our baby can hear in the womb, even though we know it can't comprehend words and sounds, it can recognize them. So if its a boy it will be life by Linkin Park. So he loves it when he's born. And if its a girl, life by Barbara Streisand so I have someone to belt out with when I am in the car and cleaning.


  1. you are SO cute. We played madi music we liked, and look how much she loves to dance and sing! Babies are fun

  2. What's up Doc is one of my favorite movies :)

    p.s. your counter says 429 days.. that's a long time to be prego ;)