Monday, September 13, 2010

Most Exciting News Ever

I guess from a blog post title like that you can only EXPECT what is coming next but I have been WAITING to spill the beans and no one is going to take my fun from me no matter how obvious it might be :)


Don't be sad if you are finding out just by this. I kind of meant this the way to announce it to everyone, that way I didn't have to call or text a million people :)

12 weeks and 3 days along, I am due March 25th, 1 day and three weeks after my very best friend is also due :) Adam and I were just waiting for a great ultrasound, to make sure everything is happy and very healthy before we told the world and we got just that today :)

For those of you that can't tell, the head is to the left, at profile view, baby Moeck's nose already looking cute and perfect :) He/she was kicking their legs already, and had a great fast heart beat. Adam's is also really fast so the both of us our hopping the baby gets HIS metabolism :) We won't find out the sex until the beginning of November, and though we are both HOPING for a boy, we will be incredibly happy with either.

Everything has been going great- I am feeling good. I had a little bit of food sensitivity and discovered my vitamins are the culprit and have been feeling fine since I have gotten on some different ones. My doctors are great, the hospital is ten minutes from my house, beautiful, green, and private- all I could want :) Doctor says I am looking good- everything seems to be going right as rain. My energy level is picking up so that's another plus.

Adam has been really- the man during all of this. He is my steady stable rock and I couldn't love him any more!! He handles my food cravings and swinging moods like a pro. Even explains science stuff to me that I don't get :) For those of you who aren't married or who haven't had kids- be excited. Men become the greatest things on earth. Adam has always been wonderful but he has just doubled over the few months.

Anyways- just wanted to announce our excitement for now- that way I can talk about the biggest thing going on in our lives :) I'll post more later.


  1. That is so exciting Sarah! Congrats to you and Adam.

  2. yayyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! I'm so excited for you! Motherhood is seriously the greatest thing ever!

  3. SO happy for you both! Congrats! :)

  4. Yay for a baby! They are so much fun!! I am so excited for you! Get LOTS of rest now because you WILL need it! Congrats!

  5. YAY!!! You both will be fabulous parents. Hope the pregnancy continues to go well!!

  6. yeah so excited!!!! We would like a boy first too at least for now - that is not an announcment. I love you and miss you so much and can't wait to see belly pics!!!!

  7. SARAHRAY!!!!! That is the best news ever! Congratulations!!!

  8. YAY! I love how you said "be excited," because I really am. Can't wait! :o) So glad everything's going so smoothly and I know we haven't talked in forever but I will still be anxiously awaiting news on the sex, of the baby of course! haha- CONGRATS!!!