Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Well, on a facebook request from two very favorite friends I am trying to blog more. Although at 8:49 on a Wednesday morning I don't feel I have TOO much to say so I am just going to talk about my birthday yesterday. Which may make me seem a little full of myself but hey- its MY blog so I don't care :)

My best friend flew in from Oregon on Friday for the WHOLE week so we could experience being prego in the same vicinity :) And so we could celebrate my birthday together for the first time since I was 17. 7 years. My heavens I feel old. We had all sorts of amazing plans but both of us suddenly having no jobs and needing frequent pregnancy naps we got.... none of them done :)

Friday- picked up Becky, had mexican food, talked until midnight
Saturday- slept in, went shopping all morning due to the rain. Went to Panera for lunch. Napped. Talked, watched TV.
Sunday- church (I taught) made homemade pizza. Napped. Talked. Watched TV. Did Family Home Evening.
Monday- got to see AND hear my baby. Took Adam to work and checked out the new house he is cleaning up. Went to the mall for makeup and Auntie Annes Pretzels. Home for lunch. Napped. Made fajitas. Talked. Becky gave me Mama Mia for my b-day so we watched it downstairs in the theatre room and sang our hearts out.
Tuesday- spent inordinate amounts of time trying to look good. (It was my b-day!) Made pancakes. Went to the mall for pedicures. Went and saw Eat, Pray, Love (VERY good) and had a bag and a half of movie popcorn for lunch. Went home, talked, went to Olive Garden, watched Big Bang, had cake, opened presents, talked, went to bed.
Today- Adam went to work early. I got dressed. I am sitting in bed listening to the new Linkin Park Cd (AMAZING!! My b-day gift from Adam) and blogging. I think Becky is in the shower... she has to go home today :( I am sad, but I know she misses her hubby so I am happy she gets to go home to him because I would be sad if I was away from Adam for this long. Pathetic but oh so true.

And that is about it.... I got some great gifts... not that that is the best part of a birthday- talking to my siblings and lots of friends and eating Olive Garden probably is but presents ARE nice. I just like ripping wrapping paper :) A new CD, a musical, a new wallet, candy, lotions, a purse, some prego shirts.... very nice. Oh, and a VERY nice scarf I am assuming comes from one of my sisters... its GORGEOUS. (And I am SURE I spelled the wrong but I don't care. Blame it on pregnancy stupidity which is what I blame.... everything on :)

yeah for families, best friends, and birthdays! And Linkin Park. And ultrasounds. And Olive Garden. And Koreans for being AMAZING at doing nails. I will never go to an American salon again. Sorry my very favorite country.


  1. Please check out the book Diary of a Wombat by French. It's a picture book, and very applicable to the necessary prego naps. :) I'm glad you're blogging more frequently! And #2-I still blame things on pregnancy brain-meaning things I did back then that have zero logic or when we can't find something. :)

  2. Happy belated birthday. It sounds like you have an amazing one! You aren't big at all! I love your baby bump! I am seriously so excited about you baby! I can't wait for 8 weeks to go by so you can find out what the sex is. Seriously even after you have the baby you'll blame every stupid moment on the fact that you were pregnant and are still trying to gain those brain cells back (at least I still blame it on pregnancy and I haven't been pregnant for over 4 months. haha!!)

  3. Sounds like you had fun. That is so cool that you and Becky are prego at the same time. Can't wait to hear more from you and the progression of your pregnancy!