Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Awesomeness of Pregnancy Clothes

Right. So I know pregnancy is synonymous with gaining weight. Still- that doesn't mean that when you stand on the scale and see those first five pounds (or more in my case) pack on, when you have to go UP a bra size after spending SOO much time getting it down, when you cant suck in that gut- doesn't mean it doesn't make you a LITTLE sad.

I know- not being able to suck in the gut is a GOOD thing. That is the bump. However- at this stage, when you put on pants and cant button them- you don't LOOK pregnant. You just look fat. And after spending a YEAR to get rid of that look, and spending months enthralled in the fact that you are nice and fit- it hits the ego a little.

I know- I lost weight and got fit so I COULD have kids. I know breast feeding looses as much calories as my 3 mile run. I know that given 6 months I will have my skinny jeans back ALONG with a darling little me and Adam. (Poor child has NO chance of NOT being a major nerd.) But.... all that said. Doesn't mean I like it.

So, with my birthday money (Thank you family!) I went out yesterday with the idea of updating my wardrobe. I went everywhere I could think before I hit the mall thinking- hey a little store will be cheaper than the mall right?

SO WRONG. Kohls wants 50 dollars for pregnancy pants. I don't even spend that on skinny fit Sarah pants. Def not going to use it on fat baby Sarah. And Targets DD bras are really like... a C. Suck. I went to the mall, thinking dowerly, that I was going to have to start special ordering clothes.

Enter Victoria Secrets and Motherhood Maternity- my mall stores that will NEVER let me down. Vickys has a new cotton bra- IN MY SIZE- that is HALF PRICE. $24. Target price. For the the perfect fitting, comfort, looking bra. I almost cried when I put it on. No joke.

I tried on almost EVERY style of jean at Motherhood. The best part was- EVERY size was way too big except for the small. (YAY!!) And even the smalls are all made of stretch fabric so even if my butt DOES widen a little, even if my thighs DO expand with water these pants will STILL fit. At least for a few months. Even better. Pants were $24 dollars. I LOVE MOTHERHOOD.

(PS- PLEASE do not "ensure me" that my butt and thighs are going to get bigger. That will just make me more sad before I need to be. Don't you guys HATE the negative pregnancy advice people give you?- not meaning you are going to give me that advice- meaning in general when YOU got that advice didn't it make your blood boil?- "Oh just wait..." they say. I want to return with.... "Oh just shut-up..." PPS- I am a horrifically mean pregnant lady. No joke.)

Even better about trying on Motherhood Maternity jeans- people have told me how awful the pregnancy pant is- the one with the "hidden belly" AKA the big flap of fabric that should cover the huge belly and hold the pants up. Whoever said these pants are awful- LIED. LIED big time. They are AWESOME!!

One, the get rid of any line underwear/ garments might cause so I can even go back to wearing those TIGHT shirts I love because there is just a cute- bump. Not rolls, not a muffin top. Besides that- they are SO comfortable!! I can sit, lay, move, do knee ups in them, without any restraint in any which way. These pants move with me, form with me.

EVEN BETTER than that? Adam thought they were normal pants. I twirled for him in them this morning and he had this look like- "OMG. Did you really buy normal pants when you will grown out of them in 2 months?" So when I showed him the belly panel he was impressed. Because these pants are CUTE.

So those of you who only have kids to look forward too- ignore everyone. Pregnancy clothes are awesome and comfy and I feel like I could sleep in my jeans. (Not that I never slept in normal jeans before... used to do that a lot.) I look forward to putting on my pregnancy clothes. Because I feel CUTE. Cute belly pregnant cute. And what MORE does a pregnant woman deserve than to feel cute? Unless its extra sleep and free stuff...


  1. Hey if you don't mind online shopping. Here's some maternity stores I've used online. I've only been in the sales section, everything else was too pricey for my taste.... or maybe not my taste, but my wallet. :)

  2. I wear 2 of my maternity skirts and a pair of my maternity jeans even when i'm not pregnant.

    I found that Macy's had sales every so often on maternity stuff and found some cute stuff for good prices which really surprised me since it was Macy's.
    You can try Old Navy Maternity too-but you have to do it online since they took most of the stuff out of stores.

  3. I love pregnancy clothes as well! They are so comfortable and they are so cute now! Motherhood Maternity is a life saver and a fabulous place to shop. (The only time pregnancy clothes stink is once the baby arrives and you have to still wear them....yuck!)

  4. First--congratulations! We (Silas and I) are so excited for you. :) :) :)

    And I LOVE the secret fit belly pants! This time around I have major (MAJOR) love handles going on and the stretchy band smooths them out beautifully. I know all the pregnancy changes are wonderful and all that, but when you're feeling more fat than cute, something that fits you can make a HUGE difference.

    And YES---I hate when people do that. When I mention something about how I'm looking or feeling and someone says, "Oh, just WAIT until THIS happens" in that "You have no idea what's in store you fool, life is going to SUCK!" tone of irks me to no end.

    I hope you are having fun with everything. I'm glad things are going well! You should post weekly belly shots. (If you want to.) I never get tired of seeing them. And it will be fun for you to see the progress. I took some pictures last time with Tesla but I skipped a lot of weeks and now I wish I had more pictures to look back and compare!

    and p.s.....i feel you on the bra issue. it sucks not being able to find anything that fits. i love motherhood and target but i can't buy bras there. i'm a 32 E/F (sometimes up to a G cup when I'm nursing---OH JOY) and i tried on one at motherhood and it fit me like a D. :( I have to special order bras from british stores online. which is why i only have 2. :)

  5. VS and Motherhood Maternity were my lifesavers when I was pregnant! I didn't like the panel pants because they didn't fit me right. But, I'm going to try them next time around now that my body changed shape, lol. that and I've got garments now..we'll see :) I bought a pair of capris this summer, realized they have a great smooth stretchy waist, and said AWESOME! they're just like maternity clothes! Jared laughed at me, but they are my current fav pair of pants!
    Here's a little tip.. I had a few long stretchy t-shirts, and they all fit me the entire time, and still do. (I couldn't find any longsleeve ones that fit well but you're hot when you're pregnant so who cares if you're wearing tshirts in winter!) Don't buy a whole bunch of stuff until you need it-you might not! Also, I bought some 'fat' clothes after the baby that I plan on using as pre-bump clothes next time-saves money since maternity clothes are pricy. You look great hun!