Friday, August 20, 2010

Time Off

Here is the picture of the day :) We had a family reunion in MO in June and Adam took me on my first ever four wheeling ride. I was pretty much a baby- we never got over 35 mph but we had a great time out alone together and see the grounds of his grandfathers place. Amazing.

I had time off this week... I always have Saturday off but I was raised with the mindset that Saturday is to play and enjoy and MAYBE do some work if you couldn't get it done during the week. But even homework on Saturday has to be done with some fun... AKA best friend coming over, laughing until all hours of the night and eating BAGS of chocolate filled caramels. YUM!!

So having Saturdays off now... I still have that same mentality. Adam and I sleep in, I make a fun breakfast. Usually pancakes because I LOVE them then we always do something fun. Even if it is just fun to us and we sit upstairs all day eating junk food and watching Big Bang Theory. You don't get things done on Saturday. In my world that is NOT what Saturday is for.

So having days of the week OFF this week... (We were suppose to go on vacation but didn't make it)- now that was an amazing thing. Wednesday I still slept in- I made muffins- then I cleaned the bathroom and the bedroom- this includes mopping and vacuuming- did dishes and even did ALL the laundry including sheets and towels. I felt like the woman. I spent the afternoon reading The Penderwicks. Awesome.

Thursday I slept in- made muffins again- then did all my "business" aka: finances, school stuff and work stuff for Adam, and things for work, then ran errands aka: grocery store and the post office. Then I came home and watched Steel Magnolias which made me SOB so I had to watch something happy so I picked Chocolat which of course made me hungry so I had to make brownies which led to dishes and there we go- day gone.

Today? I slept in, had cinnamon rolls (yeah- I am a fat lard when it comes to baked goods. Holy Yum) and then I spent my morning sewing/ crafting/ mending. And then after lunch, making banana bread which led to dishes again (I mention all the dishes because I think this is the largest amount of dishes I have ever done in a consecutive amount of days ever. I hate dishes) and then I spent the afternoon at the pool with some of the said banana bread and Little Women.

So to sum up... in three days I have eaten well, saved up on enough baked goods to last me another week, I have slept a lot, read through an entire book, did all my chores, cleaned my house, got all my errands done... and even enjoyed myself. Women- tell me. What do you DO when you don't work 40 hours a week? I think ones Adam gets a job and I don't work I am going to feel lost :)

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