Monday, August 9, 2010

I heart Lists

I LOVE blog posts that are in the form of a list. It reminds me of how Adam used to write his mission letters to me. And since it keeps me from rambling TOO much- that is what I am going to do now :)

We are trying out Star Trek. First season, first generation. It is hilarious.

I made pina colodas. Yum! Virgin of course. But still yum. Fruity and cold for a freaking hot humid day. Gah.

We are going out to the best wings place for dinner. Best is based on taste and price.

I weight 987 pounds. That is based off of how I feel, not off of what the scale actually says.

I miss the fall.

Adams work is making his muscles HUGE.

Spock wears too much eye make-up. Someone needs to fix that.

Adam is the BEST most calm most understanding person ever.

I have been talking to lots of old friends lately. Very fun.

My sister and I spent an hour on the phone together today. If you overheard the conversation it would have been very loud and thats all you would have understood.

Is there anyone who enjoys Twilight and Wuthering Heights equally?

Adams sister comes to visit on Wednesday. We are excited. She is HILARIOUS. And her kids are cute.

My bathroom is a mess. I am too tired to care, and I don't see myself caring until about Wednesday, and then I will only care if my sister in law sees it :)

We are anxious about med school. Or school in general. Or the future in general.

I wish I could wear sweat capris to a restaurant.

Thats about all thats going on in our lives. Work, and then finding the BEST way to enjoy ourselves in the evening whether that means going out for food and a movie or with friends, or going to bed at 9:40. Which we did do. On a Friday night. And we do NOT feel embarrassed to admit it. It was AWESOME.

Oh, and I love the show Chopped.

And Mc. Donalds french fries.

And Neil Diamond.

And Adam.

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