Friday, August 6, 2010

Half Day

Sometimes you look forward to a half day of work.

Then you get caught behind old slow drivers, and it so hot that in your all black car and all black outfit you SWEAT like a man, and then the FREE clinic charges you 55 dollars for something so routine you could have done it at home for ten, people get mad at you for having a job and working hard to make a living, and the woman behind the counter is SO mean that she makes you cry your whole way home.

So you get home at 2. You indulge in your cry though its not a good one. (Come one people- your smart enough to know there is a difference.) You husband comes home happy as happy only to dote on your then spend the next hour writing down stories his co-worker has told him that he wants you to turn into a book for him.

Then you have a homemade chicken salad croissant. And you change your blog background to trees and leaves because you are TIRED of the summer and ready for some color and some sweatshirts and leaves and school supplies make you happy inside of your heart.

And you remember that your hair is short and your jeans are a size six and they fit DESPITE southern women, and you also remember that things like Barbara Streisand, and The Big Bang Theory exist.

By four-o-clock you are still happy that Friday is your half day at work. (Even if blogger refuses to upload your pictures.)

Now if only there was a Cafe Rio in the south....


  1. hang in there-eventually the Cafe Rio revolution will hit the south. They came to Denver...I believe! I would love to catch up with you sometime-when are you free to talk? Love you.

  2. haha!!! I love you sarah!!!! I can't wait to see you and talk and laugh and tell stories and look forward to the future and eat and sleep and eat some more. I love you!!!!! I can't wait for fall either. ugh I am glad summer is only 3 months long in oregon. muah