Saturday, June 19, 2010


Are you ever amazed by the things that bless your life? The little ones that you maybe never even saw before but for some reason something hits your dense brain and you see it all now?

Here is my churchy precursor to my blessings: I am getting called as Relief Society teacher. (It happens tomorrow- big deal if I announce it now. I've already taught two lessons.) My next lesson is on the Atonement. I am also currently reading my scriptures in Alma. And for some reason in the past I NEVER caught onto the fact that when they mean the Atonement covers everything, that means you don't just use the Atonement to get rid of sin and wrong doing. You use it when you are feeling sad or lonely and the Lord says, "Sarah, I love you. And I know how you feel. Really. But my dear... frankly... you are being ridiculous. So here. I am going to open your eyes so you can see ALL the blessings in your life and stop being... well... to put it bluntly... a little stupid."

Every night as I am getting ready for bed, or Adam and I are hanging out, he always takes a moment to kneel at the windows of our bedroom with me and we watch as the lightning bugs come out and bring stars to his front lawn and trees. Basically they bring back childhood wonder to the old... and I guess the new if there were new people living here. They bring magic.

For some reason when I post, there are these people that leave all these comments. Sisters and old friends, and newer friends that say to me, "Hey guess what? I love you." All you bloggers know what I mean- it is AMAZING to realize that someone really is listening to you. (No, that does not mean I need you to leave a comment. My sister-in-law lust did on my last post and it really touched me as small as it was and it was a blessing to me today.)

My best friend Becky called me while she was on her anniversary weekend to let me know her husbands anniversary gift to her was to give her a plane ticket to come out to Tennessee and see me. I cried. It was a gift to me as well because I miss her so much. And she might get to come on my birthday. We haven't gotten to celebrate either of our birthday's together since we were 17. So talk about really special.

Sweet Potato fries with pecan dipping sauce are just... out of this world so good they make you want to sing and cry and dance. And the best thing was after they had already changed my life by allowing me to consume them, I came home and found out that sweet potato fries are healthier and less fat. Talk about an AWESOME day.

I call my family three times during this particular week in June- My dads b-day is the 17th, my sister Carolyn's is the 19th, then there is fathers day and 8th grade graduation for my brother- and I call thinking I am going to congratulate them, and bring joy to them and for some reason my siblings NEVER cease to bring more love, and peace, and happiness and laughter and well wishing into my life than I could EVER hope to bring into theirs. I will NEVER deserve them, even if I am the model sister for the rest of our lives.

My husband, because everyone gets to brag about their husbands, after not getting to chat with his best friend this afternoon even when he and his wife came over, comes flopping down on our bed this afternoon and says, "What show should we watch?" He even seemed excited when I suggested BBC Robin Hood from live stream netflicks. He watched almost a whole episode. He also swims with me every day though he doesn't like too. And when we had to clean the church building this morning he took the bathrooms and handed me the window cleaner.

I guess what I am trying to say is that there are just those moments in life when you really feel like no matter how many chips and burgers you have consumed... you need a chocolate wall. It doesn't need to be the one from that one amazing Chinese restaurant that I cant remember the name of now, but you need moist chocolate cake with chocolate ganche middle, and a THICK icing, but when you are trying to not let southern women let you waist get too big...

There are always lightning bugs, kind words, the excitement of something wonderful to come, something that is yummy and fat free, your sister, and a gesture from the most loved in your life that almost, almost, make up for the lack of chocolate icing.

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  1. P.F. Changs! :) I miss you guys! I love being able to see a glimpse of your life through your blog and I check it out at least every week! Thanks for writing in it! I love you!