Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Stupid Internet does not work so there are Hardly any Pictures at all

As you can see we are happy and... yes dry :) I dont know how many of you heard about the flooding in Nashville but luckily that is not near our area. We are so far east in Tennessee Adam says it is easier to identify with the people in Virgina than the rest of TN.

It has been some busy times and some good times. My family came out the weekend before we left to say goodbye and help us with the rest of the packing and moving. We had some good time shopping and going to all of Adam and mines favorite restaurants that we wont get out here. (Namely Mimis, Zupas, and the Cafe Rio.)

We left early Tuesday morning, the 27th and drove to Colorado hauling a 4' by 8' Uhaul trailer with our tiny 92 acura. It was slow going on all the hills and the only mess ups we had were I popped a tire at our first rest stop (they got us all fixed up in about 15 minutes and for on 30 bucks- not bad!) And, I wasn't paying attention and the car overheated in some pretty bad rush hour traffic right outside of Denver, but even then we only needed 20 minutes to cool off.

We spent Tuesday night with Adams brother and sister in law in Colorado and had the BEST burgers and homemade salsa. We had SO much fun seeing all their kids. We wish we didn't have to sneak out so early the next morning but...
(I love this picture because baby Titan was so ready to join the fray with everyone else! He crawled right into it!)

Wednesday morning, 5 am we were out of their house and on the way to Moussouri. On theway out we saw the most GORGEOUS moon we have ever seen. Perfectly huge and round and orange and so bright it lit up all the clouds around it. The picture is bad but the bright dot gives you an idea of what it was like. The drive was pretty uneventful, and also pretty darn flat so the traveling was faster and easier on the car.

I got introduced to some of the fun sides of the South though. Such as.... Carls Jr is actually Hardees? Funny street names, being called Sugar and Sweetheart are totally normal and I LOVE it. And all thoe things we call rivers in the North West? Try creeks to actually SEEING what the Moussouri and the Mississippi river are actually like.

We stayed Wednesday night in a hotel room. I sat down on the king sized bed after a LONG HOT shower, got out my Subway sandwich turned on the TV... and didn't even know what to do with cable. I ended up just watching the cooking channel for an hour. Though I do love the cooking channel....

Up at five again on Thursday... another fun flat day without too many worries. Adam drove much more than I did because we actually GOT to Johnson City and he knew how to drive in without directions. The best things was seeing that childs face the closer and closer we got. I don't think I have seen him so happy since we got married. You can tell this is the place he belongs in.

East Tennessee it BEAUTIFUL. I don't think anywhere compared except for maybe one or two places in the lake district of the UK. I got my dream as well. The humidity is GREAT. My hair is soft, my skin no longer peels and cracks... and we have only been here for a few days! I dont have very many pictures because the passengers side window of Adams car doesnt roll down but there is a video or two.

I know this post is long so I will try to update more in another one later on now that we have the computers working and all hooked up to Adams parents interent. We are happy, safe, healthy, too well fed and all geaered to get to work on Monday :) Yay for new phases in life! And yay for Teneesee!


  1. I'm glad you made it! I wish that you would've called me when you overheated in Denver. I would've loved to have seen you! But I know it was a long way to go. Maybe Cafe Rio will eventually expand...they expanded to Denver after a year. :)

  2. I'm glad you guys made it! Maybe me and the kids will come up and see you guys soon!

  3. I'm so excited for y'all! I'm sorry I didn't make it out to see you guys before you moved away... :( But have so much fun in Tennessee! it's gorgeous!