Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Oh You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

Well, the Internet is slowly and surely adding my photos so hopefully there is a little for you to see this time :) I'll try to go out and take some more this weekend so you can see how really amazing this wonderful place is.

The moon when we drove out of Colorado. You cant tell by this how wonderful it really was.

One example of the fun and funny southern streets

Entering Tennessee!

Happy Adam realizing he is at home!

The Cumberland gap. Can you believe how pretty this is? I cant WAIT to hike it some time this summer!

Where did I leave off in my story? We got into TN on Thursday night? Went to bed early, slept in, then Friday morning Adams parents went out to work, we had LONG HOT showers then proceeded to unload our truck into the garage then got rid of that wonderful trailer.
(Unpacked! yes Amber- in your room- haha! We couldn't give up the lure of a king sized bed.)

It was pretty fun to hit downtown JC and listen to how THICK these accents were. I am so used to that being a novelty but not here. It was fun to listen to Adam as he was talking to the attendant and you can hear this accent coming out in his voice. The thicker other peoples accents gets the thicker his gets.

Something I have noticed about the Southern accent. It has the ability to either make a person look cuter and greater, or a LOT more trashy. For example, listening to my friend Renee Bryan or Adam, or the girls in relief society discourse in a southern twang I want to hug them they sound so cute.

But people walking around downtown, huge stomachs hanging over their PJ pants that of course they are walking around in down the side of the street in the middle of the day... I very prejudiced-ly start to wonder if they have ever been to high school. (I wonder that more and more the interviews that I go to PS.) But- I still would not be surprised that with a little time if I catch onto that same accent. :) It's too wonderful to not pick up on a little.

After returning the trailer we ran by Wal Mart and then spent the rest of the day unpacking and unloading- and still only got halfway done! Adams mom got home around 5:30 and then we went to Adams FAVORITE restaurant called Misakis- one of those Japanese places where they make the food in front of you. And yes- it is worth Adam the non-eaters place as a favorite. SO GOOD.

Saturday Adam went around with his dad to learn a but about the work he was going to do (flipping houses) and to look at some new homes so Adams mom and I... oh yes. Went shopping :) I got in a NICE long HOT SWEATY run on Adams moms tread mill while watching cartoons. Felt good!

Unbeknown st to me... it gets HOT early here. (Hot I mean 70 or so.) But 70 plus humidity... I needed some shirts. So of course we got lotions, two pairs of pants for Adam, two pairs of shorts for me, two shirts, and a PERFECT blue dress at Target. LOVE! Then to the grocery store so I cold get stuff to make everyone one of my favorite dinners- sausage and pepper pasta.

Church on Sunday.... I got to say hello to a lot of people I didn't know... 4 maybe that I remembered.... and then a LOT of people I did not remember at all explained over how well and how different I looked. I forgot that when they all met me I had short brown hair and now I have blond hair halfway down my back. Not to mention I am what... 3o pounds lighter?

But a woman and her husband were visiting on their way to Arkansas and guess where they are from? Bristol! The UK! We had a good chat before Relief Society which was fun. She agrees that Johnson City gets close to what the UK is. Though its a hot humidity rather than a cold one. (I know that isn't scientific but does it make sense to anyone else besides me?)

But church was fun. Adams dad teaches Sunday school so we got called on to read a lot :) and Adams mom is Relief Society president so I had to stand and turn for everyone. Relief Society was fun- funny. The women here are NOT worried about expressing themselves... and the south isn't as conservative as we all like to think it is. One woman would say something and then the next would adamantly contradict her. Not mean... just... adamant :) It made for a GOOD variety I didn't realize I had missed in Utah.

We had some people over for dinner- a fun couple with lots of young kids that Adam and I have met before called the Smiths. Robin is going to make me fat again- we had roast with potatoes and carrots, then mashed potatoes, rolls, fruit salad, and Razzelberry pie. I was BURSTING!! And it was all SO good!

Again, this is getting long so I will start up again tomorrow and talk about all the other fun things I have seen since I have been here this week. Mostly in lew of the job search but still. We are happy to be here! Happy for the sun and the water (my feet already look better.) Yay for the South!


  1. I'm glad you guys are having so much fun!! We're so sorry we didn't make it to see you guys before you left. :( on the day you had the garage sale silas worked 17 hours and i wasn't feeling well (and tesla's bedtime is 6:30, which makes it hard to do things with people). :( So we apologize for being so lame.

    Speaking of street names...when we lived in TN my neighborhood was called...actually I can't remember. Plantation something or other. But every street in it was named after a character from Gone With the Wind. I lived at 1408 Scarlett O'Hara Ct. My friend lived on E. Rhett Butler. :)

    And the Sunday School discussions! I don't know if it's particularly the South but people would get some interesting (and long-winded, doctrinally-straying but funny) debates at church. My parents (who are in Georgia now) always have stories from church.

  2. You make all this sound so appealing... it makes me want to move to the south! siiiigh... utah is so dull.